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        Just wondering what is the hottest thing your significant other has ever said to you, maybe caught you off guard, but just made you so horny

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          I was watching my wife fuck her BBC dildo while she was fucking it she said I wish this was a real black dick fucking me and he could cum in my pussy and you clean the cum out. When she finished I acted like it was real are her pussy and stuck mine inside, I cum within about 2 minutes. I ask her if she ever wants to fuck a real one she always says no. Maybe one day she will.

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              Your wife is naughty I love it

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              My wife said to me ‘im too small for her, she deserves a real man with a bigger cock’

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                  That’s a good wife 👌

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                  Thank you Jimmy.
                  Yes she knows what she wants!

                  she doesn’t see me as a real man anymore and nor does she respect me anymore!

                  She deserves better. A man who can satisfy her needs whilst at the same time have my support in the marriage.

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                    my Hotwife started fucking a close friend of mine and after several get togethers over several months I asked Her to stop seeing him as I knew She was falling for him hard. She stood facing me and looked straight into my eyes and said She would not stop seeing him and I had to find the fortitude to accept She wanted him more than me. She said it lovingly but seriously and I knew She meant it and was committed to developing a relationship with him. Was it intended too be cruel, perhaps. It was definitely honest and another development in our cuckold BDsm marriage. They were together for five years and their loving relationship completely cucked me to the point where both of us accept that she always looks at potential lovers from the point of a long term relationship not one night stands. It is now always painful knowing that she is hightly attracted to the men She selects as Her sexual partners and each selection has the possibility of being the start of another painful cuckold experience.

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                      A hotwife whispered to me while her husband was on his back licking my sack… WE want your baby!

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                        My wife sat me down and said to me that she knows she’s my wife and she loves me but she really doesn’t want me to fuck her anymore, when she has a lover. She was afraid I would want to leave her but it really turned me on

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                          The hottest thing I’ve ever heard from my wife was directed to one of her bulls. I was watching him fuck her, she wrapped her legs tightly around him, pulled him deep inside her, looked in his eyes, told him that she loves his cock and that her pussy belongs to him. My cock almost exploded out of it’s cage as soon as I heard that. It was the most genuine thing I’ve ever heard come out of her mouth.

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                            Wow that is hot!!

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                              My girlfriend of four years invited a man she once saw when we were first seeing each other before we were official she would fuck him when I pissed her off and lie about it. She hates to admit her wrongs but I can tell she knows I know. She fucked him in front of me hiding in the closet as he isn’t into cukolding and while he is stroking her she said his bbc was the best dick she’s ever had and that her “boyfriends ”(my cock 6.5incches) cock was so fucking pathetic and little and she said her pussy was his and she wanted him to cum inside her so she can feed it to me when I got home from work.
                              He thought she was cheating but her and I got off on this! She has completely forgotten I’m in the closet at times. I absolutely love it as long as I don’t cum before they finish. The only rough part for me is not getting too jealous when they kiss passionately like they are making love! Afterwards when he’s gone I clean her up and we cuddle but I sometimes can’t keep my
                              Mouth shut and I tell that if she could I’d like her to resist being that intimate she gets mad and says I can’t have everything my way and she gets to choose what she wants to do or we don’t do it at all.
                              She reassures me constantly she only wants him for sex and that she can keep her feelings in check and have a log term boyfriend or lover while being my girlfriend as well and holding me as the future husband and life partner. Should I trust her and just marry her if I love her enough to let her have fun ? What if I one day want out of the panties and cage and want to have sex again with her but she’s lost her sexual attraction to me? Has anyone had this issue or fear?
                              I just want to be with her and have this but I’m afraid of becoming pussy free indefinitely. I am 32 I still enjoy fucking her and feel like I don’t want to give that up….and I don’t want her to think one day that I can’t satisfy her anymore because I always have been able to. I have the body and cock of
                              An alpha but the kind of a submissive beta boy,
                              I want to be feminized and locked up. She says I can’t be a sissy cuckold and be able to fuck her because she loses attraction seeing me in panties. At the start I asked her to make me pussy free during my caged orgasms while she fucks my ass or vibrates my cage and she says ok but after she always would say she could never do that to me that she loves me too much and feels guilty.
                              Recently she randomly said she thinks she’s ready to make me pussy free and it scared me so much I said I need to think about it and it got her very upset. She said I wanted this for years and I’m finally getting it and have been begging and now that she wants it I’m having a change of heart. What do I do? She said either it goes her way or nothing at all.

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