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        I have posted this before for a similar topic. I started telling her stories about another man joining us in bed. I was asking her what does she think about having 2 hard cocks in front of her, saluting her naked body and wanting to invade her. How does it feels knowing that they are both going to be inside her and that she will make them both pulsate in orgasm and cum, filling her juicy intimate parts and mouth. We actually started with a dildo while having sex, just to give her a glimpse into how it feels like having 2 cocks inside her and how it feels for her to satisfy 2 men at the same time. It was obvious that it was a turn-on for her as well. Every time is really fun for both of us…After that, I started to propose the name of a friend of mine while having these role-play games….The fact that it was a “real” person was making everything it so much more interesting…
        At this point we were having strong fantasies into trying something with this particular friend. I proposed her to wear short panties with no underwear in his presence to see his reaction… Myself, I was having an intense pleasure when she was walking like that in front of him, bending over in front of him. I could feel his desire of wanting to fuck her. He was also a little bit uncomfortable….
        So, we have tried these types of role-play games between us and these types of exhibitionist games in his presence until one day….

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        Sophie’s cuck

          until one day…what???? I am at a very
          similar stage with my wife- we both love the fantasy – so would love for you to finish the story. Until one day…

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