A wife who dates her boyfriend publicly has an obligation to her boyfriend, her husband and even herself to dress the part.

How a woman dresses is only one of the many ways women have allowed their sexuality to be repressed.”If you have it – flaunt it” serves as a reminder that your physical appeal to males has always been intended to be a primary means of self-expression and it’s even more so for a hotwife.

The obvious reason is because she’s a married woman dating outside the marriage and therefore has to compete with other women for his attention, but there are other significant reasons for a hotwife to dress the part:

  • Persona –  dressing the hotwife role helps remind and reinforce the differences in perspective, behavior and pleasures that being a hotwife brings
  • Teasing –  being overtly appealing to the men around you teases your husband and affirms not only your role as a hotwife, but his role as your cuckold
  • Recruiting –  a hotwife is bound by no restriction to have only one lover and by dressing more often as a hotwife, she increases the odds of adding new lovers to her stable
  • Submission – when a cuckold couple is in a committed relationship with a Dom, how she dresses can be one of many aspects of her daily life and behavior which she gives control of to their Dom

Every Hotwife Is Sexy

Some wives are very reluctant to dress the part, lacking self-confidence in their appeal to other men. I encourage these women to remember that every woman has the innate ability to attract and arouse the males around her, starting with your husband. When you consciously choose to solicit such arousal and attraction, you open yourself to new perspectives on evaluating potential partners and enable your own self-confidence to grow.

Please Yourselves First

Too many people, women especially, allow themselves to be intimidated into living their lives according to others’ rules. Always remember that the only people whose happiness needs to factor into your decisions are yourself and your husband. If you live your life by others rules, you’re not living your own life and someday, that will bring regret when you look back. if dressing sexy makes you feel good and it thrills your husband, then that’s all that really counts. Of course it should also please your boyfriend, but if it doesn’t, there’s always another boyfriend to be had.

Day To Day

For a lot of wives, dressing the part is often the gateway to being shared. Being shown off, being on display, is the first level of sharing a wife by the husband, or in some cases, by the wife to help introduce the idea to him. But for other wives ,even those who secretly enjoy the idea of being  shown off, their submissive nature prevents them from pursuing the idea. For these women, even their husband’s encouragement may not be enough to overcome their inhibitions and anxieties over experiencing something a part of them deeply desires. These couples are in most need of  Dom to help them both push their boundaries and take the steps they are too shy to take themselves.

Personally, how a wife dresses is often the first step I take in both exploring her submission and introducing sharing to them as a couple. Even when not dating, I highly encourage hotwives to dress the part 24/7. This is not only homage to your Dom, if you have one, but is a sexy way to experience the lifestyle solo, so to speak. It also reminds both yourself and your husband of your pleasures with other men simply when one takes notice of you dressed as a hotwife.

Getting Started

As with most aspects of this lifestyle, this can be a gradual progression. For wives who commonly wear pants, simply switching to more skirts and dresses is a night and day difference. Leaving an extra button undone on the same blouses she always wears can turn a casual look into an alluring one. When I’m seeing a couple, I will go shopping with them to pick out both casual and dressier items for her to wear in her new role as hotwife. These are things I expect her to wear all the time – not just with me. For couples who are seeing a bull who isn’t that involved or havent’ yet expanded their marriage to include another male, shopping together with the stated goal of expanding her fashion horizons can be very beneficial. Together, you can find a balance between too modest and more than her current level of self-confidence can bear.