Recently a member here on CuckoldMarriage reached out to me sharing their journey of transitioning to a cuckold couple while also inquiring about the working dynamics of our cuckold marriage. I began to write a response but took a pause to think and reflect on our journey as a cuckold couple, which opened up another perceptive and intimate conversation between james and me. With our exchange as inspiration, here are some thoughts and insight of our cuckold relationship….some familiar and some new…

As a cuckold couple we continue to learn and grow more understanding every day of one another. Even though we may have had some expectations as to the path we might be on after being introduced to CuckoldMarriage, we know that everyone is unique to their own relationship and experiences and that there is no ‘one size fits all’ cuckold dynamic. From our own experience we have both learned that it is all about evolving, each of us in our separate roles, me the hotwife to cuckoldress and james as the denied cuckold.

What is paramount in making our dynamic work is that we are always open and honest with each other. Communication is absolute. We hate the word use of ‘rules’ because it seems inflexible and does not allow a more evolving dynamic. Rather than ‘rules’, we talk about and agree to what makes our cuckolding marriage work best. For me it’s about being empowered as a cuckoldress and being fucked by select, endowed bulls…and taking control of the sexual pleasure that james can have. As we talked about my control james admitted that physical denial (no penis fondling, masturbation, intercourse, and only spurting as I allow) would increase his emotional arousal with eventually a more intense orgasm…and cause for chastity. The reality of the denial of intercourse was far more about me realizing and james ceding that size matters for my full pleasure and “better trumps good”. Is it missed? What do you think? After all, for nearly 30 years he was in me quite a bit.

If and when on the very rare occasion in the future I might allow penetration by his penis, it definitely can not ejaculate inside of me. That is reserved only for my bulls.

To be clear, I do deny james sexual intercourse almost exclusively, but what I have learned is that sometimes the sheer intimacy that can happen between me and james as I describe my interludes with a bull/lover is so intense that I need more than just the exchange of words but something physical.

For instance, this past Thursday I had the opportunity to get together with P, my ‘Dane’. He was nice enough to get a hotel room for the afternoon that was convenient to our house and his office thanks to Even though our son was visiting with us at the time, after spending an active morning with him I later casually got ready to leave the house in some sexy yoga attire that james selected and then quickly left walking for some afternoon ‘errands and coffee with a friend’. Sneaking away and the limited time that I had with P when we were in the hotel room made the tryst very exciting and quite a showing on the bed sheets.

I was able to give james quick highlights of the hotel tryst later that evening, but it wasn’t until the next morning after our son finally departed that james and I finally had time to ourselves where I could recount the details. With both of us naked in bed, I tried to describe the tryst as best I could (I had recorded it in the hotel room but he had not yet listened to it), and all the while showing his erection. “Reliving” it, I was extremely aroused and wet, and being influenced by the intimate setting I asked james to move close against me. With his erect penis now against me, and laying on my side with my back to him, rather than continue by having outercourse I decided to let him push the little “boi” inside of me from behind, telling him not to move. Though slipping out a few times, I managed to move and thrust myself against him to a mild orgasm. When I was finished I had him pull out and I laid back, and at my request had him lay on top of me. I let him enter me again and he quickly stroked a few times then pulled out moaning and spurted and dribbled on my stomach. It had been a couple weeks since his last spurt by my hand…and it was the typical quick cuckold orgasm.

Was I aroused by his attention? Absolutely! james and I are very close. Being a cuckoldress doesn’t mean I’m uninterested. Our being physically close together is really about the sensation of the unconditional love and emotional intimacy we have and share for each other, an unwavering part of our marriage which compliments and strengthens our cuckolding dynamic. It was not about having intercourse. The sex with james was only average and more a reaction to the sensual closeness, serving best as a nice reminder to each of us he is not adequate in size for me. Sometimes old habits can have a changed purpose.

Through all that has happened and how we have evolved as a cuckold couple, our marriage with me as the cuckoldress has let me become more confident about identifying as a ‘slut’. Public perception has always made me think and feel the word ‘slut’ as a negative connotation of a person. But I now understand that within the context of being a cuckoldress and my sexual desires and needs, this is really an important part of who I am and a positive to embrace. Looking forward I feel more empowered than ever before to meet new bulls and having them fuck me….all the while my cuckold husband knowing that ‘better does trump good’.