Hotwife Beauty Revealed!

A hot, hot hotwife.

A hot, hot hotwife.

Yes, have a long, delicious look at her. I’ve always told you all how pretty e is and though I can’t reveal her to you completely, you can easily see she’s a beautiful woman fully deserving of her status as a hotwife. Now imagine being her husband and stepping aside so her lover can fill the sexual role within your marriage.

Now you’re trying on bmollaie’s shoes.

The Update

When I last posted about them, e was being a bit mysterious about her new man and even keeping b from seeing her nude, but that was a passing phase and though b has yet to witness their coupling first-hand, her boyfriend has been made welcome – and satisfied – in their marital bed –  several times now.

With the rush of having a new boyfriend, erotic energy was high in their marriage and in celebration they enjoyed great sex (at least from b’s perspective). Granted, their first time reconnecting, literally, after she’d been with her new lover was both appropriate and healthy, the continued expectations of such, for this couple, were not. The problem with this is that b then began to expect such intimacy with his hotwife and e felt somewhat of an obligation once she gave in. This dynamic clouded his role as her cuckold, her role as his hotwife,  and added increased stress for her.

As I’m writing this, it’s been eight weeks since b has imposed his false needs on his sexy hotwife. He understands better now that what they need to share in is intimacy.

Beautiful - and available - for her boyfriend.

Beautiful – and available – for her boyfriend.

As it frequently happens for b, he found himself hopelessly erect for her while getting ready together at the bathroom sinks. Rather than just ignore his physical display of support for her boyfriend’s sexual role with her, she took it in her hand and helped b to what he described as an incredible orgasm in her hand. This is how a cuckold couple shares sexual intimacy without violating the bond between hotwife and boyfriend.

During our last conversation, when b agreed it was time to share her beauty with you all, we talked about another behavior which is counterproductive to the enjoyment and full adoption of their lifestyle. As anyone who frequents this site knows, I’m very adamant that the cuckold’s state of arousal be clearly displayed for his hotwife. This includes when her lover is present and is especially important then. Not just for the wife to see the cuckold’s continued desire for her and support for her intimacy with her boyfriend, but because the boyfriend also needs proof positive that the husband isn’t of a mood to wait for a good opportunity to club him, shoot him, or otherwise express jealousy. Even for longer term relationships where the boyfriend’s safety is not an issue, the habit of having the cuckold’s state of mind expressed physically is important for all. This doesn’t mean the cuckold has to be exposed since some bulls are going to find that awkward, but the cuckold’s needful state should be nonetheless obvious. If the boyfriend would rather not notice, he doesn’t have to look, but the hotwife should always see her husband’s clear support for her actions – and, also important, is proving he hasn’t slipped away and jerked off like a school boy.

Next Challenge

The next challenge is for the e & b to welcome her boyfriend into their family, not just their marriage. While making him part of the marriage is a huge and rewarding step, they are still treating their lifestyle as something that should be hidden or carefully arranged. Having to make fewer plans or arrangements in order for him to spend time with them – with her – will greatly increase their bond as a lover/hotwife and for e & b as hotwife and cuckold.