I often times get contacted through our lifestyle network by black men expressing an interest to be my bull.
Very recently one gentleman in particular, ‘E’, was going to be traveling from the Bay Area to Scottsdale on business and reached out to me by mail message. His profile and photos peaked my interest and I sent a quick message back to set up a time before his travel to talk on the phone. After chatting with him I agreed to an initial meeting over cocktails with James accompanying me. The evening was pleasant and there was definitely an ease with the conversation and evidence of a mutual connection between all of us. After a couple of hours, and since he had walked over to the restaurant, we offered to give ‘E’ a ride back to his hotel. While james drove the short distance I sat in the back seat with ‘E’ and we naturally began kissing with light fondling. Unfortunately with the risk of being noticed in the well lit and visible hotel drive entrance, I wasn’t able to actually ‘verify’ his BBC, but only feel it through his shorts. It felt promising. My rule of course is never to have sex on the first date so the evening ended with him leaving the car and trying to hide his erection in his shorts.

Because of our future schedules, it was uncertain when we would have an opportunity to see if we actually clicked in the bedroom but ‘E’ made it clear that he traveled to Phoenix/Scottsdale on a regular basis for work and that he would contact me the next time he was in town.

About a month later, while I was out of town, I received a text message from ‘E’ saying that he would be in Scottsdale for a limited time and would love to see me. The only time it could work based on our respective schedules was the Sunday morning right after we arrived home. ‘E’ suggested that I give him a ride to the airport as he had an early flight out that Sunday morning. Since he was staying at a hotel close to my home, I agreed and teased him saying it would be an Uber Plus experience.
After arriving in town the Saturday night before, I made sure that james was wearing his block before he went to bed and then set my alarm for the wee hours of Sunday morning. Waking with the alarm, my pussy was wet as ever. I got up, showered, and dressed putting on my sexy leggings and sheer bra top with a loose top over that. I had to look somewhat inconspicuous, as I would be walking through a prominent hotel lobby at 5 AM.
Thinking ahead, ‘E’ informed the night doorman/valet that a friend was arriving very early to take him to the airport and would he so kindly allow me to park my car and guide me to his room, #6106.

When I arrived as planned, and pulled up to the entrance, a black man was waiting at the door and walked out to my car. At first I thought it was ‘E’ and opened the passenger window; I was stunned when I realized that it wasn’t ‘E’ and he was equally stunned because I wasn’t the person he was meeting. Was he also having an early morning rendezvous with a hotwife??

After the awkward exchange, the kind young valet approached my car and said he was expecting me and knew that I was going to ‘help’ my friend get ready to leave and then take him to the airport. I have no idea what words were exchanged between ‘E’ and the doorman very late the night before. He asked me the room number and then suggested that I pull my car around to the side parking that happened to be adjacent to the building where ‘E’s room was located. Luckily the gate to the grounds was open that early or otherwise I would be hopping the fence.

I immediately found the 6000 building, walked to ‘E’s room, turned on the Voice Memo App on my iPhone and knocked on the door. He immediately opened the door and to my pleasant surprise he was naked and his cock semi-hard.  He greeted me but seemed to be in a hurry, in a ‘lets get down to business’ mind frame. Might he have been nervous?? His room was very dark with the AC turned down, which made it quite chilly. He stepped back to the bed and laid down and immediately asked me to get naked. Instead I decided to straddle him fully clothed and pulled my top off revealing the sexy lacy bralette. He then reached up and began to fondle my breasts as I kissed him. I knew that he was on a time crunch but I always insist on some foreplay and teasing. Soon after he begged me to take off my leggings, so being coy about it, at the edge of the bed I slipped them off and returned to him with my bralette still on…at least partially.

By this time his cock was quite hard, and straddling him I let his black cock enter my pussy. To my surprise it was thin and disproportionate to its very long length so it didn’t fill me as I had hoped. After being on top for just a few short minutes, he rolled me off him and onto my back and moved over me between my open legs and slid his thin member inside of me. After some missionary thrusting, he then rolled me onto my stomach with him again above me and entering from behind. This soon led to him to wanting to penetrate my ass but I had to say no. I hadn’t had a full climax by that time and if he penetrated my ass I wouldn’t be able to have him in my pussy again without him cleaning his cock (I don’t allow ‘double dipping’). He understood and I continued to enjoy feeling his powerful body on top and inside of me.
He was in such a hurry that I never reached a full climax, though he certainly did. Within in seconds of his ejaculating in me he was up and dressing to get ready to go to the airport. I also quickly dressed, trying to hold his ejaculate in my pussy as best as I could. Wearing leggings certainly helped. After all, james was waiting for me when I returned home to hear about my adventure and most importantly to clean me up. Later, as always, sharing the audio with james added to his pleasure, making his small penis swell in his block.

Selfie right after and texted to james

It was a fun interlude and something I had never quite done before. The ceremony of getting james ready the night before, getting up early very aroused, dressing sexy for ‘E’, and then sneaking off to a hotel at sunrise and into his room made it very exciting.
Will I see ‘E’ again? Perhaps, but as you may know I am really looking for an exclusive relationship so even if I do get together again with him, I don’t think it will be sustainable.