femme fatale

How every cuckold wishes his wife would dress at home. Yes, even those who are kept restrained and/or denied intercourse wish this.

As much as this would be ideal in the opinion of any male, the reality is that look requires planning and effort that is often outside the realm of practical for day to day life. It’s counter-intuitive to think a cuckold wants to be teased this way, but it’s entirely true. When I train a pet (someone’s wife) to be on display, I’m doing so for my own pleasure at seeing her more provocatively dressed, but I’m also doing it for their benefit. I know that displaying her will lead her to feeling more confident and more connected with me. I also know it will benefit her husband and remind them both of my role in their lives. The time and effort required for date preparation isn’t something I expect of hotwives on a daily basis, but I do expect them to provide visual stimulation for their cuckold through easily attainable methods.


Very sexy. Does that look require a lot of preparation? Not really. She can come home from work, change, slip this on and be finished. It’s very little effort in the end, but has a significant reward.  A hotwife / cuckold marriage is a wife-centric one and it’s always a good idea to remind and motivate the cuckold to remember why that is. It’s also a good idea to keep him aroused more often than not as this aids in anxiety management and provides needed intimacy for the couple without the need for planning or discussion.

bottom on display

Doesn’t get much more casual than this, does it? But it’s also incredibly sexy. is she actually naked under that tee or wearing a thong, perhaps? Hard to tell and that’s the point. Even if she’s not naked under it, she sure seems like it. This is a comfortable yet very erotic choice for a hotwife to wear throughout the house on a weekend morning, for example, if not needing to be dressed to leave the house. Correspondingly, when afternoon comes and outdoor activities are finished for the day, there’s no reason a prudent hotwife can’t change and remind her cuckold of what her boyfriend is going to be enjoying.

Many couples still find the idea of even partial nudity around the children to be a cause for anxiety, but I encourage you to not allow it to be.  Being casual about nudity makes it seem casual – it’s only when we make a big deal out of something that kids latch onto it as such.

I fully believe that such casual opportunities to express roles at home without need for planning, discussion or action is something no couple should pass up.


That’s right; there’s no reason your cuckold can’t also participate by making the correct casual dress choices at home. Stripping down to these and his tee shirt will leave no doubt about the effectiveness of his hotwife’s choices, eh?

Many wives avoid doing this out of concern their cuckold will expect sex or other forms of physical intimacy, but the deal is simple: take it for the visual (and mental) pleasure it is or don’t get it at all, right?

That’s a good girl – go get changed!