A fuckdoll followup

8-29-16-editIt’s been not quite a month since I began my involvement with fuckdoll and her cuckold. When I take on a couple this way, progress is usually quite methodical and slow-paced. Such is not the case with my fuckdoll and her boy. Our relationship and my involvement in their marriage and lives has become considerable in just a short time. I would say this is due to both a pent-up need for direction from someone they could trust and unique qualities among us which create a fit that I’ve not experienced in quite a few years. Over the first few days of our interaction, fuckdoll clearly communicated an interest – no – a need to have a very structured experience as a submissive. This structure: the rules, limits, and expectations that define it, is the sort of thing an Owner or Master provides his/her pets. The more we discussed these ideas, the more she responded to it.

Within just a few days of verbally committing to my ownership, I had to test that commitment. During the work week, fuckdoll has a requirement to remove her bra after work (once she’s in the car with her cuckold). Twice in the same week fuckdoll was forgetful about removing her bra. The first time, I punished her through corporal punishment and required her to have her nipples bound and made to ache for me.

nipples bound tightly with rubber bands

My pet accepted her punishment and had never had her nipples bound this way before, but it turned out to be more discipline than punishment because fuckdoll really enjoys suffering for me. So, when the second violation came about, I chose a different punishment.

For her second violation, I chose to humble her at work. She works in a rather small and casual workplace, but as one might imagine, some of the women, especially the older ones, are quite critical (also pronounced jealous) of fuckdoll. As she does each morning, fuckdoll showed me how she’s dressed for the day and I opted to remind her of her obligation to remove her bra as ordered by making her remove it while she was still at work. I then made her fabricate a reason to visit everyone in the office so she would have to display her braless state.

On the right is how she looked that day with – and without her bra. It’s clearly visible with some lighting that her breasts are bare and given how plump they are, physics will not be denied when she walks. It took some time and a few attempts to get everyone visited, but she accepted her punishment quite well.

As with her previous punishment – and as sometimes happens with submissives – what was intended as punishment ends up being something very enjoyable after the fact. Nonetheless, it was an effective test of her obedience when it was first assigned to her.

Fuckdoll Dating

Left: fuckdoll dressed for her first date under my ownership. I approved her dress and added the choker as a symbol of my ownership. She will wear a choker or an actual collar on all dates moving forward. I clearly defined for her what was expected in terms of her behavior for the date as well as what things were off limits. This date was #1 with a new guy. It went quite well and she was very positive about him. Based on that and his assertion of being experienced with the cuckold situation, their next date, later this coming week, will begin with picking her up at their home for a public date where he can show her off and their extended foreplay can begin. The date will end at home, in the marital bed. I have told fuckdoll that she is responsible herself for fitting every cock that enters her with a condom. Not only does this ensure the use of one, but is in line with her role as a fuckdoll in terms of handling the cock she is there to pleasure.

Pet Modifications

Part of being an Owner is molding pets into what the Owner desires for his pet. These changes should always be aligned with the basic and extended needs of that pet. This includes appearance, behavior, habits and even body modifications. To not have a hotwife fuckdoll optimized as the best cock-bait she can be would be an abrogation of my responsibilities.

Those of you paying attention will notice something a bit pokey under that top. What you’re seeing is the barbel piercing through her nipple. Hot, right? After having her bind her nipples for me and having her see how that looked and felt, the idea of getting them pierced became quite attractive to her. I told her it would please me immensely to have her nipples decorated for me, but I wasn’t convinced she would go through with it. Obviously she did. Only a few days later, she got the other one done. It’s now safe to say she’ll rarely be wearing a bra when her nipples look this fucking sexy now. The pic to the left is what she wore out in public once she had both of them pierced and decorated. Beautiful.

Part of my role as an Owner is being involved in a couple’s day to day. This means I’m a resource and authority to resolve issues which I see are a cause of friction. When my pet told me she “never tries anything on” and on a separate occasion told me that she “never returns anything” I realized some changes were in order. Fuckdoll will no longer buy clothing online or in-person without my approval.  When physically shopping, she will try it on and get my approval as shown to the left here. This top was approved and will be worn without a bra.

My fuckdoll understands that I understand her purpose on this planet is to be a pleasure to men. Everything about her is optimized to attract males and enable her to extract the most semen from their balls. Now, with her breasts so decorated, this role is much more obvious for her, her cuckold – and every male who sees her.

Training Our Boy

Featured right: cuckold4Mel getting his bound balls getting tormented. There are a number of ways his genitals are used, but intercourse is rarely one of them. It’s probably a bit of a shock to many to see what would be considered a large penis being teased, denied, and tormented rather than enjoyed for intercourse, but this is a complex couple and therefore, their situation is also complex. Three main elements drive his denial: his size, his role, and my ownership.

The thickness of his penis is actually too much for her small pussy to take without injury. Yes, it might be possible to adapt her small sex to more easily accommodate his girth, as is done when hotwives become fitted to a boyfriend’s larger cock through frequent coupling, but the fact that she now routinely pegs her husband and paddles his ass and balls makes it impossible for her to view him as a male she wants to be taken by.

Dates This Week

Left, the number of dates scheduled for fuckdoll this coming week and the number of men who will have her. Right, the number of days since her cuckold has been inside her.

Days Without

Another change for her cuckold is being more directly involved in the cuckold role. Her cuckold has witnessed her coupling with others before, but mostly as a passive observer and not as her cuckold. That is about to change. I am instructing them both on the behaviors, dialogue, and actions necessary for each of them. This instruction is not only valuable for their own roles, but will make this new guy we’ll call ‘M’ more comfortable and more empowered as a bull in the marital bed.

Parting Tease

Not only is this too fucking adorable, but hints at other training my pet will be getting. Curious now, aren’t you?