Our First Blog Entry

As a ‘hotwife’ of a cuckold couple, Luvr has invited me, along with my cuckold husband, james, to be a blog contributor. We have contributed a few times to ‘True Experiences’, and we welcome this chance to share even further our view of our own relationship which brings challenges but also exciting rewards for each of us and together as we evolve into a ‘relationship of three.’

For some on this site, including me, it hasn’t been easy finding the ‘right’ Bull.  At this time, I do have a boyfriend (‘A’), however, I don’t have him all to myself or do I get to couple with him as frequently as I like, which is the catalyst for what I’m about to write.

What I’m struggling with right now is how to achieve daily sexual satisfaction in the confines of a relationship of three knowing that james and I no longer have intercourse. I desire human contact, but is not possible or practical to have ‘A’ on a daily basis.

What do I do to attain the pleasure that I desire and need in the meantime??

My pleasure comes from being filled with something much larger than james. After having several couplings with very endowed men, james cannot begin to fully satisfy me in the least. At the same time, james and I love our intimacy so the challenge has been in finding creative ways that allow for my sexual release when aroused and in need.

We know that every one is different, but for now I have explored a couple of ways that help me ‘when in need’. To start, I love kissing and having james give me oral. While kissing I also get extremely aroused when I aggressively squeeze james’ balls and he pinches my nipples. Though this foreplay is great, it leaves me very wet and aching for more. Toys have been part of my sexual interest (and quite frankly, my fetish) for quite some time so it was natural to look to them for use. To help, james recently purchased for me a very large black dildo (my preference is always black). The size and shape fits me very well and actually rivals some of my previous sexual partners. I learned very quickly that together with my ‘magic wand’ I can get some much needed release with the two toys together. Sometimes james will kiss me and fondle my breasts as I masturbate, most other times I will instruct him to get the coffee brewing and leave me alone while I lose myself thinking of my black lover.

This works well because I’m satisfied and james is denied.

Coffee After

Cuckold 2.0

Recently on this site, I read an entry that described the ‘sheath’ that a cuckold can wear over his erect penis. This makes him more endowed and even somewhat desirable to the hotwife (me). Amazon came through as I researched where I could buy one. The sheath (penis extender) comes in a couple of sizes and colors; naturally I gravitated toward the largest size and the color that most represented a black skinned cock. The first time I had james wear the sheath, I experienced one of the most intense orgasms that I have ever had outside of an actual lover. Once the sheath is well lubricated and inserted in me, I can, grind my way to orgasm. If handy, adding the ‘wand’ allows for another stimulation to add to my pleasure. The nice thing about the sheath is that james can actually feel my movements and there is an intimate physical connection between the two of us that the typical dildo can’t give. It also prevents james from actually being ‘in me’ while at the same time denying him pleasure.


What I’ve just described is fine and works, but it doesn’t quite satisfy the physical contact that I enjoy most while also intensifying james’s arousal and denial. We have also been getting accustomed to outer-course and the stimulation that it provides. For instance james will rub his penis on my clitoris while kissing me, or I might straddle him and rub my clitoris on his penis while he pinches my nipples. But being honest, my intense orgasms come from stimulation inside me and in order to achieve this the sheath as a compromise has been a much welcome addition to our intimacy.

In the absence of my lover, these ‘quick fixes’ only temporarily satisfy my frequent need when I can’t be with him, while at the same time intensifies my desire to be with him again…a catch twenty-two. I am curious though how other cuckold couples get by during their ‘in-between times’.