You’ve all met her already, but now I share her with you as jerseyhottie. Names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent and to enable each to have their own identity here.

I’ve taken this couple under my wing and am actively engage in helping them evolve their cuckold marriage. While jerseyboy is always on the lookout for a good stud for his wife, you can get priority consideration as a Dom for them by contacting me so we can discuss your experience, your proximity and interests as a Dom with a couple.

Both respond very well to a male they respect, trust and perceive as dominant and her boy is very well mannered and eager to please as her cuckold. This is an experience they wish to have together, so a prospective stud and especially a Dom should be prepared to not just accept this, but work creatively with it.

Now for the good part: jerseyhottie…in all her hotness.