Great for display, training.

This is obviously not intended to prevent your cuckold from rubbing himself, but it does make for a great house uniform or a ‘play uniform’ for those times you can keep him this way for extended teasing – perhaps while he attends to you and your boyfriend?

It’s also nice for those afternoon parties where you show off your man-servant to your closest girlfriend(s).

This harness also includes a mounting point for a training plug for his ass just to further remind him of his role.

NOTE: most cuckolds will not need all of the straps since many aren’t nearly as well-endowed as the model, but for the cuckold’s who are better hung, this will keep them in check.

This leather male chastity harness will remind your man who’s in charge.

The triangular front piece is held in place by three adjustable straps. The cock and balls come through a hole in the front piece, and then the cock is pulled upwards and held in place by four straps, while an additional strap goes around the balls at the bottom. An optional keeper is also provided, designed to hold an anal plug in place in the back.

via JT’s Stockroom – Leather Male Chastity Harness.

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