A cuckold honeymoon is that period when a couple and their bull (promoted to boyfriend) have ‘clicked’. It’s almost a Unicorn event because couples rarely find what they really need most and we bulls rarely find a couple really capable of filling the set of needs we have to make things click. For mischievous, it’s very much apparent that they found their (black) Unicorn.

This sounds like a simple statement to make but you have to review how much has changed and how quickly to really appreciate what L is saying.

It’s important to remember that since October of 2019, almost 4 months now, R has spent a total of 15 minutes inside the woman he loves.

R still sees this view every day but even he now thinks of her pussy as something only M should get to fuck. The best he can hope for at this point is Cuckold Sex. For those not familiar, this is a ritualized coupling I set up for them so he can experience being inside M’s girlfriend and they can have that intimacy while still empowering my slut.

I let R choose a portion of his Cuckold Sex and he chose more time inside M’s girlfriend, but as you’ll see below, that which I grant can also be taken away (when needed).

It’s a powerful admission to make, isn’t it?

I have to say I’m impressed we don’t have to keep him in chastity more of the time when he’s seeing her fully committed to her boyfriend this way. On the left is from a hotel overnight with him and on the right is at home, when they were about to leave to have dinner together in public two+1 style.

She has never been more appealing to him (and other males) as she is now but they’ve both learned that his commitment to their commitment is the hinge upon which everything rotates.

M very much appreciates his role and the importance to L that R be kept involved. As someone who has been in those shoes I can say I fail to understand why any bull wouldn’t enjoy those opportunities, but I guess that’s what separates the bulls from the boyfriends.

We’ve also had some success at preparing him for being outed to a friend as her cuckold.

It’s a good start and makes me feel proud of them for taking that step. It will be very enjoyable for her L to have another woman she can be at least somewhat open with and share some aspects of their new lifestyle with. R’s friends are only aware that L is really sexy and they can see that up close every time the happen to come over. This has happened for two different friends recently but both incidents were quite short and only allowed them to enjoy the view of L for a handful of minutes.

So, I decided to assign a task.

An interesting thing happened when I told my slut about it and asked if she had a preference for who the audience would be and she immediately said D. Hmm.. D it is. I also found out that in at least one case of the two friends to see her being Erotic at Home, she was wearing a tee shirt long enough to just cover her pretty ass. That’s not acceptable, of course – that ass has to show. From here out, her home outfits may not include tops longer than the top of her panties.

That should be quite eye-opening (and cock expanding).

As I got caught up with R after not speaking to him for a couple of weeks I realized he’d not been meeting the expectations set for him.

As I write this my slut is fulfilling part I of the requirement for R to get Cuckold Sex again. M is staying overnight at their place for the first time and R is chatting with me while they continue coupling in privacy. This is day one of coupling with her bf – that’s Part I. Day two will happen tomorrow morning and perhaps tomorrow afternoon – Part II. I had originally set a requirement (part III) that he not spurt at all for three days but realized that would make it much to easy for him to spurt just from the combination of excitement and denial so I’ve waived that requirement because I made her give him ruined orgasms Thursday and Friday (today is Saturday as I write this).

This was our boy’s view of M and his girlfriend while they were out on Thursday before M enjoyed the snug warmth of his girlfriend. Our boy got a nicely ruined orgasm out of it but only because I don’t want those balls too full when I let him have Cuckold Sex.

But now you are already feasting your eyes on what she wore for their date last night, aren’t you? Two ideas come to mind immediately, right?

  1. ¬†she’s essentially topless in public with her black boyfriend – yes, she is
  2. they are outside in the middle of winter – no, just can’t see the window frame

R tells me she was wearing something over the bodysuit/skirt combo but took it off as soon as they entered. I’m really quite proud of them both for this. This is L being completely who she is now and demonstrating her commitment to her boyfriend, her cuckold, and me.

In the next update: the report on his first overnight in their bed and the Cuckold Sex he gets to have for five minutes. Tonight he’s having to fall asleep like this with his balls still aching for us.

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