For a variety of reasons we hadn’t made any progress for several months. One thing you do learn with cuckolding is that it’s a slow burn and that progress is made in fits and starts. You get nowhere for ages and then, all of a sudden, things happen.


Well, not exactly ‘all of a sudden’. We had a good talk and shared our thoughts and concerns. Jayne was still harbouring feelings that it would be disloyal, unkind and that she would be being unfaithful. I was a little dismayed at this because it just wasn’t a problem and I thought I’d shown that with the other meets. There were still the pracitical problems with the swingers site (far too many bullshitters) and the swingers club we tried was not a success. So I suggested a Black mans fan club party at a club in west London. It seemed very well organised, the pictures of the venue looked great and it would be full of horny black guys with no expectation that I would play because all the women have a thing about black guys. We booked a hotel near the club so we could avoid a two hour drive at 3am and made a bit of a weekend of it with a meal out and look round the shops in Kingston. It’s fair to say that Jayne was “a little bit excited and a lot scared” and understandably so.

Preparing for a party

A travelodge is not the most salubrious of places to prepare but it gave us what we needed.

We decided to attend the party on the Tuesday before. I thought it best that I have one more spurt and then would be denied until after the party. I can imagine some of you are thinking that’s not long to be denied but I can assure you, for me, over 4 days is a very long time! On Tuesday night Jayne wanked me right to the edge before removing her hand completely and ruining my orgasm resulting in a couple of pathetic spurts. Even though the final release is ‘ruined’ the build up is excruciatingly pleasurable and the ruining, along with knowing what we’re going to do at the weekend, taps into my sub side. I managed until Saturday by keeping busy and knowing that I was doing it for the right reason. Jayne helped by giving me an erection each evening (with my first cuckold tears shed) and I was more concerned with reassuring Jayne that we’d have a great time, we could leave if she didn’t like it etc. Saturday came and everything was organised. Hotel booked, new dress bought, underwear chosen, party bag packed, camera, phone, chargers etc etc. Saturday was an odd day because we were waiting for the main event to start at 10pm. She looked stunning. I told her so a few times and left for the 5 minute drive to the venue.

 Hellfire Club

I cant praise the venue (Hellfire club) or the people organising it (Black mans fan club) highly enough. It wasn’t ‘seedy’ and things just ran smoothly which played a big part in putting Jayne at ease. There was a good mix of people there and with, how can I put it, a variety of dress senses but nothing too outlandish even by our newbie standards! We had great fun people watching (no, not like that) and eventually found a very smart handsome young man in his early 30’s of Morrocan origin. We found a private room and it was electric. The foreplaygot him rock hard very quickly and after some more soft play he laid her on the bed, put a condom on and fucked her. Slowly and sensually at first, then more vigoursly, before cumming with an look of intense pleasure on his face. Jayne didn’t cum but that didn’t surpise or dissapoint either of us. She’d just been had by this great young guy who didn’t have an ounce of fat on him and she felt great. We politely rebuffed a couple of approaches without problems and, after a couple more glasses of wine, Jayne was getting a little bolder and managed to attract the attention of a couple of guys. The four of us went into a private room but they clearly weren’t experienced in this situation. One of the guys in particiular was struggling with either me being there, or his mate or both. Perhaps even with the idea of Jayne offering herself so openly to him. Neither of them could get hard and one just walked out leaving the other to it. He managed to finger Jayne to a succession of very wet orgasms which was fun but he just couldn’t perform in this situation and he admitted he’d never been with a couple before. He did confirm before he gave up that I was a very lucky guy. But I already knew that!


What a night. We were both on a high, mine mostly relief that Jayne had enjoyed herself. It was clear we’d be going again and that this was the start of our new sex life. I still didn’t feel properly cuckolded though but I’m sure it will come. Back at the hotel we had a lovely kiss and a cuddle and then straight to sleep. In the morning I licked her to 3 quick powerful orgasms and she gave me a great hand job making me spurt all over the place. I got another teasing handjob in the afternoon and before bed on Sunday night I stroked her clit to another orgasm. Six amazing orgasms between us in about 12 hours. We can both heartily recommend the Hellfire club, black mans fan club and cuckolding!