This is the general stereotype of a cuckold, is it not?

His penis more resembles a wild mushroom than a potent male sex organ. Are there cuckolds like this? Absolutely. Is this the majority of men whose wives have or should be riding a much more capable organ? Hardly.  In the case of such a tiny penis it goes without question that size matters, but for husbands who are  better hung and are fully capable of pleasuring their wife through intercourse, the motivation and ‘necessity’ for cuckolding become a bit more clouded – especially for the wife who may not perceive an issue worthy of inviting another male into the marriage.

Size Play

Show me a husband who’s penis stiffens when told it’s small and ineffective as a sex organ and I’ll show you a sexual submissive.

As I’ve discussed in other posts like The Biology of Cuckolding, humiliation is an integral part of cuckolding because it is an overt way for the cuckold to express submission. A non-submissive male would react aggressively to being told he is less capable sexually, so to accept that humiliation is to submit.

To prove this, one need only tease a cuckold who is of average or above average size and see how they become swollen and needy to understand that it’s not really about the truth of the statement as much as it is about the effect of the statement.

There are two obvious fact about this cuckold (right):

  1. he’s very excited by his wife’s sexual service to another male
  2. he’s not mouse-hung

The truth is that it’s the submissive role he plays that is the true source of his need to be her cuckold and not any perceived inadequacy. Yes, it’s possible that size was never his issue, but stamina is, but that’s for another topic.

It’s also true that regardless of his size, stamina or ability to bring her to orgasm during intercourse, her husband can never offer her the same experience a different lover can. When you factor in the fantasy of taking a black lover to increase the contrast of both roles and race between husband and lover, you find a situation the husband could never directly provide, regardless of his size and stamina.

Size Is Relative

A husband who has 7″ will feel even more cuckolded by a man of 8″ than a husband having only 5″ simply due to the perception of having been better than average hung, yet now he is ‘small’. Though not technically true, when his wife takes a lover who is larger in any dimension, it becomes an effective verbal and visual taunt which will certainly exercise the cuckold’s submissive needs.

Size As Justification

As stated earlier, size or performance isn’t always the best justification when proposing a hotwife/cuckold lifestyle to a wife who thinks status quo is just fine. Right now the truly tiny cuckolds are thinking “Oh to have that problem…”, but for the husbands in this situation, you’re much better off exploring the dynamics of D/s as a precursor to cuckolding or express that being good doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve better or simply different. After all, her favorite flavor of ice cream isn’t the only flavor she’ll eat and it’s only her favorite until a new flavor strikes her fancy more than the last favorite!