An Early Start To A Rewarding Lifestyle

Much is said here about the importance of having a strong marriage before exploring cuckolding. Though I have mentioned at times that it’s not the marriage, per se, but the relationship itself that provides the foundation for rewarding cuckolding, I’ll re-phrase it more clearly here.

There’s no reason younger couples with a mature outlook cannot fully embrace this lifestyle well before marriage and enjoy the benefits of it throughout their dating and engagement. Being able to offer your newly-wed Bride to the man who had her last before the wedding and will enjoy her first after the wedding, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a committed cuckold couple.

Secure The Foundation

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The majority of couples taking their first steps toward inviting another man to have a role inside their relationship do so after 8 or even 10 years of marriage or more. Some couples take that long simply to overcome guilt and societal oppression against exploring sexuality while for others it becomes a matter of establishing trust and comfort between them with exploration. The reason we tend to think of  a marriage as the most secure relationship is because of the multiple external forces at work keeping a married couple together through stressful times. A married couple is bound by law, by family, by finances and often by children. While a casual, dating relationship isn’t likely to have many of these factors, a long-term, committed relationship is and we see more couples living together but putting off marriage for one or more reasons. This shouldn’t preclude them from exploring this area of their sexuality together.

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Sharing her without the backstop of a marriage demonstrates enormous trust while proving you can handle not being her only guy.

That said, the unmarried couple must look more closely at their bond and their commitment to it and not take the easy way out should conflict over this lifestyle arise. There will always be conflict of some sort for couples venturing into this lifestyle because of the intense emotional and mental forces at play. Often that conflict can be easily sorted out through communication, but when a couple only has their emotions bonding them and those emotions become strained, rash decisions are easily made.

Ask active hotwives if they wished they could have started much earlier and you’ll almost always be told yes. Ten years ago, I saw very few successful couples under 30 living this lifestyle, but have seen that turn around in the last 5 or so. Younger couples often think of swinging as the most obvious choice for an alternative lifestyle, but as many former swingers will tell you, it’s very difficult to make all the variables fit and in the end, most swing couples are really cuckold couples who didn’t know that was an option.


I’ve been asked by younger couples if there’s a risk to becoming bored with the lifestyle by starting out in their 20s. I can’t answer that for every couple, but anecdotally, I’ve encountered many couples who are entering into their second and third decades of hotwife/cuckold experiences. The dynamic of having one or more additional males in the relationship, varied over the course of the relationship/marriage, brings a truly endless number of variations and variables to keep things interesting.