Burden vs. Enjoyment

Chastity, when using a device to ensure compliance, is referred to as enforced chastity; without ensuring compliance, the ‘enforced’ aspect is dependent on the wife’s oversight. The more assertive wives, comfortable in having such control of their husband’s manhood, may be very comfortable with that job, but for other couples, particularly those wives who struggle with an assertive role, expecting her to manage his chastity on her own is most likely an emotional burden for her.

The wife, shown left, appears to be his keyholder, but if his penis was restrained based on their Dom’s preference that he not pleasure himself while she’s out on her date, the keyholder is actually their Dom. This means it’s the Dom’s responsibility, not the wife’s, to ensure her husband’s penis is secured – and remains so.

Since locks typically come with only two keys, the keyholder typically has one and the second, for safety purposes, should be in a location known to the cuckold, but be secured in a way as to make easy use impractical. These types of safeguards can be complicated and in most cases, either safety is compromised or ensuring he cannot release himself at will is compromised. Solution? Tossing the lock.

And all the cuckolds cheer…

No, silly, I’m not saying to free your penis, I’m saying to use something other than lock to secure your devices.

Numerical Seals

I’ve long advocated single-use seals for non-supervised, enforced chastity. These seals are numerically unique and can only be opened by breaking them, enabling visual proof of a sealed state upon request.

Serialized Chastity Seals

In the case of the couple above, using a seal instead of the lock would demonstrate that the cuckold’s penis is secure and once she returns home from her date, the wife can send another picture of her cuckold’s penis to their Dom to confirm that the seal serial number on his chastity when she returned is the same as the one when she first restrained it. Seals can be used this way for cuckold needing restraint at work or while traveling. Locks are unreliable and potentially dangerous for a restrained cuckold when not within relative proximity to the keyholder. Having the ability to break the seal, if need be (with sufficient justification), is far more effective than sending along a key that he may be sorely tempted to make use of. Simply send along a handful of seals and if he must remove his chastity for some reason, he can be trained to reseal it and send appropriate photographic proof of restraint along with his justification. Then it’s up to the keyholder to decide if the justification holds up or not.


Punished By Pleasure

Most cuckold couples practicing the use of enforced chastity have several devices. A serialized seal security solution also enables the addition of switching of those devices without sacrificing enforcement.

Consider, for example, that the wife in the image above is told to call her husband from their Dom’s bedroom and is told to offer the cuckold the choice of listening to their coupling on one condition: that he fetch and close this spiked collar around his penis, seal it, and send the photographic proof of its security.

What wife wouldn’t appreciate her husband’s willingness to suffer such torment in honor of her pleasure with another man?