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The new Cuckold Marriage Info store is open and ready for business. I have partnered with to bring you the best products and service for your lifestyle-related stuff! This is never going to make me rich, by any means, nor is that the point, but defraying the costs of hosting the site is always appreciated and each purchase through the official CMINFO store helps do just that.

Besides, you know you need some of this stuff anyway, right?

Asylum Chastity Brace

This chastity device not only maintains strict, secure control of a cuckold’s penis, it also keeps it impaled on a hollow, urethral insert which allows for longer duration use.

Penis Shock Collar

Though designed for use around the neck, the training collar can just as easily be secured about a cuckold’s much more sensitive dangly bits to deliver adjustable feedback with a handy remote!

Magnus Mighty Magnets

Mighty magnets can be use on nipples, the penis, scrotum, and labia to produce an erotic sensation of pressure without having to attach anything.

The Fuck Bench

Who can’t imagine some use for this? Suitable for use by cuckold or hotwife, the possibilities are near endless.