While chatting with a couple of members today, I was thinking off the cuff and used an analogy that seemed to have some potential for visualizing what cuckolding is:

This couple is now complete.

Consider marriage a flower garden where each blossom represents the myriad things that a couple shares in their marital life:

  • children
  • family
  • friends
  • hobbies
  • finances
  • vacations
  • intimacy

These are all the things that bind a couple – give them common purpose and identity and already we have quite a few blossoms in the garden, but there’s one patch where nothing grows. You both know that something should be growing there, but you can easily see it’s not there.

This spot is often intimacy.

Doesn’t she deserve it?

Couples may be emotionally intimate, yet physically unfulfilled for one reason or more and that flower will simply not grow. The couple tends to their other flowers and tries to pretend that one little bare patch doesn’t matter, but you always know it does. Many couples believe their only option is to enjoy their garden for what it already contains and try to be content.

When a husband and wife work together to overcome this bare patch of soil, by including another male to provide new seed, so to speak, the seed planted becomes a blossom both spouses tend together, a blossom that joins the other elements which bind them as a couple.

Not all flowers are perennials and as such, may require planting a new seed together every once in a while, but the true value of the flower isn’t the blossom itself, but tending to it together and having a complete garden.



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