When I was a few weeks shy of my 16th birthday I lost my virginity to my first “real” girlfriend. She was an athletic, very feisty redhead. We’d fuck every day, maybe a few times if we had a place.  The place was usually my parents basement, my bedroom, her parents basement or more often her basement bathroom floor.  We’d always fuck bare, me usually cumming in her mouth or on her back.  For a first girlfriend we were pretty creative in that we fucked in different positions, she’d swallow all the time, and was the best kisser of my life.  We had a very strong connection.

How this girlfriend connects to my adult desires and current situation is complex.  First, we fucked 1000’s of times over the years we were together, even after a rough break-up and me dating someone else for years, we’d always meet to fuck.  Heck, after she was married, many years later, we met to fuck!  This “cheating” on other girlfriends with her, and her on her husband with me, helped me form the ability to separate Sex & Love.  I of course did’nt realize this until decades later but it sure served me well in all my relationships growing up.

While broken up once, she fucked my very best friend! Taking his virginity.  It hurt me that he did this, but it didn’t bother me, like she wanted it to, that she did this.  We all got over it, and she and I continued on/off.

Backing up…  One incidence in particular, early on while we were first dating, relates to the video I watched so much and today’s lifestyle.  We were fucking in my bedroom after school one afternoon with another friend of mine downstairs waiting to go out with us.  After she & I finished I asked her if she wanted to fuck him next, she said yes!  We didn’t act on it, but looking back, I should have as that I’m sure it would have changed the course of all of our lives and started this lifestyle 25 years earlier for me!  Just the fact she said yes, and I know would have done it, was good enough for me at the time.

(I think I still have a color slide of her at this moment!  She’s nude, wrapped up in my blanket with a “just fucked” look.  I’m looking for it to post).