Fucked By Her Boss

Yes, it’s a common fantasy for husbands – and for many wives. It’s not always the boss’s cock that a wife succumbs to at work – sometimes it’s a coworker, but the stereotype of the wife being willfully seduced by her boss exists for a reason.

Following Nature’s Course

As you may have read in other posts here, I believe that our interest in this lifestyle, collectively, is a result of who we really are vs who we are told to be. For at least three or four decades now, the drumbeat of female equality has tried to tell women that they are not just equal to men, but better and that no self-respecting woman ‘gives in’ to a man. This is to say that a woman should never submit to a man.


Not only is that political correctness bullshit, but it’s simply ignorant of human biology and sociology. Women respond sexually to ‘bad boys’ because at an instinctive level, those behaviors are interpreted as being assertive, dominant. Women respond to that – it’s a trait linked to mate selection among many species, including our own. Following this logic, it’s easy to see why a wife who spends as much or more time around her coworkers and boss would naturally choose her boss as a lover.

[pullquote_left]Author’s Note: this post was partly inspired by e & b mollaie who hopefully, if things went as planned, enjoyed their first evening at home with e’s boss last night.[/pullquote_left] For the cuckold, the arousal (and conflict) comes not only from the idea of the time spent together intimately, but also the time spent together casually. When the cuckold husband of a wife who has selected her boss as a lover gets dressed in the morning, the cuckold consciously knows that her decisions on which skirt to wear, how far to button her blouse and even which panties to wear are likely all relevant to her status as his lover. She may choose shorter skirts, shorter dresses and always wear heels for him. She will wear her lace bras and her fitted blouses left open so that he can enjoy a casual glance at her lace-decorated cleavage.

Not only does he get to enjoy the view, but so does everyone else. All day.

From the boss’s perspective, it’s incredibly erotic to see her style change to suit his tastes and surprisingly, it’s also very erotic for the husband to witness as well. Sometimes simple changes are some of the most effective: instead of the wife wearing the same blouses she always with her skirt suit, she could switch her tops to include bodysuits, camisoles and tank tops. When worn with the jacket, especially buttoned, the looks can be fairly conservative, but with the jacket open, or removed while in her office or at her own cube, the effect can be quite stunning.

Stolen Moments

Then there are the stolen moments: that moment where her boss knows that no one else can see them at that second as he gently squeezes her bottom while passing by. She is certainly not above the same games and will tease him with her thighs or more generous views of her breasts when she knows that he’s the only audience for those few seconds. Few have the privacy at work needed for enjoyable coupling, so outside of stolen moments and blow jobs in the car at lunch, this couple will need a place to release the sexual tension built up over an entire day spent teasing each other. As always, I suggest a split between his place and the couples’ home. I always recommend keeping the cuckold included in as many ways as possible and the boss should always know that your husband is both aware and supportive of her ‘office merger’.

A good hotwife will txt her husband to share those moment and help him experience that with her.

Risk vs Reward

Many would say that the risks of workplace relationships are too many and not worth the chance, but I would suggest carefully analyzing the situation and going into it with a plan if you, as a wife, or as it should be, a couple, have come to realize this is an opportunity for you. Besides enjoying the fantasy with your boss and potential lover, also speak of the realities and gain assurances that should this end, as all things ultimately, do, that each will make a commitment to being an adult and maintaining a professional relationship since to do otherwise would risk the jobs and careers of each of them.

Environmental Factors

The options a workplace couple have often depend on the company culture and the size and relationships within the office. A small company has less secrets, but also has less rigor in terms of policies and policy enforcement. In a larger enterprise where HR would dance on his desk for taking you to the Christmas party as his date, a smaller company’s staff would likely already know by simple observation that there’s something going on. The fact that she’s married is none of their business and though it would be better they know that they date with the husband’s approval, it’s not necessary.

The dress he bought her for their first dinner party together.

As with interracial cuckolding, boss/wife cuckolding includes an additional element of taboo. If the couple can’t publicly date to company events, it would still be very erotic for her boss to have his bit of eye candy for parties, business dinners and even for short business trips. Every husband tries to imagine how they will handle such events, how they will manage the conflict of excitement and dread, but just as the wife doesn’t need another husband, her boss doesn’t want a(nother) wife – he prefers having a girlfriend/sextoy.