This is the girlfriend I dated but was still fucking the first girlfriend.  This girl was a virgin and not ready for almost a year.  That was fine with me as I was (secretly) getting sex from GF #1.  When we did finally start having sex, it was never as creative as GF #1.  I guess it was always “Vanilla”. This was due to he age, her being very inexperienced, and as I recall, her being self conscious about having sex before marriage.  We loved each other and dated for years.

So, why mention her in these posts?  Well, again, some incidents relate.  While we were dating, I was still fucking GF #1, so – the separation of Sex & Love was instilled.  I did love GF #2, but the sex was so hot with GF #1 that I “cheated”.  I guess having never gotten caught, I.E.; having never hurt GF #2, it was all okay in my mind as it was “just sex”.

When this GF went away to college, I recall sleeping with her in her dorm room only about 2-feet away from her roommate and her boyfriend and I can remember purposely exposing my GF to them.  I wanted her body exposed, for others to see her nude.  I guess I got off on that.

She went to an ivy league school and I went to a state college nearby.  Her’s was a very big party school and she got into that scene.  Being sheltered growing up in a very restrictive household she liked being away from home.  She eventually drunk-fucked someone else at a frat party.  He fucked her “creatively” for her (doggie, her on top), and she liked it!  She broke up with me, to enoy her new freedom, and I was heartbroken but got over it in a few months.