Discussing fantasies is a key part of a cuckolding relationship not only in the wannabe stage but also in the reality stage as well. It’s very important that you both feel comfortable (relatively anyway) discussing your fantasies with each other as this shows honesty and openess between you but also, in a very parctical way, allows you to know what each other enjoys. I always think the best way to do this is whilst kissing, cuddling and using the hand. It’s very erotic to discuss my many fantasies with Jayne whilst she toys and plays with my penis. Of course, she’s not trying to make me squirt, just get very very hard. I return the favour although most of the fantasies are admittedly mine.P1010051

One thing that I have learnt is that it is very important to explain that all fantasies are not the same. There are those fantasies that I’d really like to try and those that I find erotic thinking about but I definitely don’t want to try. And then there are some in between those two extremes. below is an example of what I’m trying to say.

A Fantasy

You like the thought of your wife finding a nice young hung black lover. Imagine the three of you going out on a date together with the two of them as a couple and you as a mere observer. A couple of his friends turn up and you all get chatting. He tells his friends that you are the couple he had told them about. To make his point he makes your wife show them her tits. They have a good look and feel. She strokes their cocks through their trousers and makes two very noticable bulges. They leave happy and with a promise of another meet soon for all 5 of you. You head home and your wife and her lover make love for hours. Eventually her lover leaves. At which point your wife ties you to the dining room table and pegs you.

That fantasy would probably terrify any wife of a wannabe cuck. But if you graded the different parts of the fantasy you would make it a lot less scary. Taking a black lover and going on a date (1), showing off to his friends (2), making love for hours (1) and being pegged (3). You could always ignore the potentially scary bit of the fantasy but I think it’s best to be honest and put it into perspective. Also stress that it is simply an expression of your submissive side. This seems obvious now but I only realised that that was what cuckolding was mostly about for me. You’re not gay, you don’t REALLY want to be pegged, but you do like the idea of her  being dominant. In the bedroom at least!

Of course, over time and as you experience different things, your fantasies may progress up or down the scale. Honesty and openess remain vital for you to get the most out of cuckolding. Also, don’t get too disheartened if a backward step is taken from time to time. Sometimes it’s necessary to take a look at what’s happened and assess it. If you react badly then you’re not offering your wife the chance to try things and decide whether that’s what she wants or not. In which case, she wont want to try enacting your fantasies that get you so hard.