Those delightful breasts belong to Mrs 10Q. Her husbad, as you see below, barely has enough manhood to hang a hat on, yet it works well enough to father children. Yes, that sexy body is a mother’s body! MILF alert!


The bottom line here is she deserves a full sized cock to exercise that sexy body.

The bottom line here is she deserves a full sized cock to exercise that sexy body.

Mr. and Mrs. 10Q have started their journey to find a longterm boyfriend for her. So far she’s not had much luck in terms of finding a guy she has chemistry with, but that’s true for almost every couple when they start out. I’ve encouraged them to continue looking and reminded them that finding a second male to welcome into the marriage to assume the sexual role is never easy, but well worth the journey once you get there.

Both are nervous about their desires but equally curious and aroused by them – this should be a familiar emotion for all of you aspiring to or already involved in this lifestyle. The Mrs. is obviously quite sexy and should feel very confident about attracting males interested in giving her a sexual experience her husband cannot and an emotional experience different to that with her husband and aspiring cuckold.

Her husband is very intrigued by the possibility of her boyfriend taking a leadership role in their marriage as biology dictates and forming a solid emotional bond with his wife. As with most couples, this is very frightening, but when a couple has  a solid foundation to their marriage, such a bond becomes an extension of their marriage rather than a threat to it.

Now that they have their children, Mr 10Q’s penis has fulfilled its marital obligation and can be retired as a sex organ once she beings actively dating having no other practical use at that size.

I hope everyone will make them feel welcome and encourage them to continue their pursuit of this dream.