Mature but certainly not retired!

Please welcome anne and james to the community. Before the introduction, allow me to grant them ‘bonus points’ for the creative verification!

Our path to a cuckold relationship is by a very adventurous adult life as long as we have been married (going on 29 years). Over the years we have interacted sexually with others as a ‘swinger’ couple. More recently, I have been more exclusive, having sexual relationships with single males, while by choice, James has typically not been included, by either being in another part of the house or not at home. James has been very understanding and supportive of my desires and has given me a hall pass, which I have used on occasion.

I would imagine there has always been a rather long line of suitors awaiting that hall pass.


Who doesn’t enjoy a sexy woman in a collar?! Well, obviously not her chaste cuckold at that moment!

Just recently I was texting back and forth with a single male trying to arrange a date; the male asked if James and I were a cuckold couple. We have to admit at that moment, though we had heard about a cuckold, we honestly weren’t sure what he meant or what a cuckold relationship was. So we began surfing on the web and eventually discovered the ‘cuckold couple’ and the ‘’ website. After spending time reading the various articles and blogs, we had our ‘ah-hah’ moments. Without knowing it we had been leading up to the cuckold marriage lifestyle for quite some time.

I think the above statement is true for quite a few couples and it illustrates how this lifestyle is far more natural for us than is commonly believed.

James has been satisfying over the years, and would not be considered having a small penis but I have found out with other lovers that he’s not big enough to give me the intense pleasure that I desire. Disappointingly its almost like he is lost inside of me to the point that at times I can’t even feel him. Since passing 60, his erections, though they have been generally strong, don’t compare to the younger men I’ve enjoyed along with their great ejaculations.

After lengthy discussions between the two of us, going forward we feel emotionally comfortable with a cuckold relationship where I have a bull that could evolve into a Dom and with James as the cuckold knowing that his sexual involvement with me will be limited. We are already exploring denial and chastity options, which James is accepting of the intensity that it can bring.

Though we are new and inexperienced with this type of lifestyle, I am certain and look forward to being able to enjoy a bull in my life and James, though somewhat apprehensive, is agreeable to this arrangement. Having a Bull as a consistent lover who is attractive, mature in thought and has a well-endowed cock is my wish list (what else is new!). I am now in the process of interviewing men and hope to have one or two experienced bulls in the near future that I can bring into my life to help guide my cuckold husband and me. I am not ready to bring my bull(s) into our family; but it is not out of the question if it is part of the natural progression of the relationship.

This last statement is quite important in terms of understanding their long term interest in this as a lifestyle vs. it being a hobby or distraction:

Though I have final say in the selection of the bull, a relationship of three is what we desire.


I’m confident someone is going to be taking them up on this offer.