A premarital adventure becomes something more

I get contacted through the site quite regularly. Most get a reply but only a few go anywhere. I’m very happy to report this contact has not only gone somewhere, it’s produced some stunning results and an opportunity to share with the community how this lifestyle can improve relationships.

The first email to me was relative brief and included this interesting bit:

We are trying to get into the cuckold/hotwife lifestyle and while she has had partners it seems difficult to progress past a first “date.” We both declare that this is a lifestyle we want yet constantly bicker about it. The frustration always seems to outweigh the rewards.

It is quite common to find couples in a situation like this and after reading the full email and the second one that came after my brief reply I was fairly certain of the cause of the bickering over something they both seemed to want. I contacted her directly since he gave me an email address and encouraged me to do so. Her initial reply was quite shy, which also gave me a sense I was on the right track. I asked her a pointed question designed to force her to consider her perspective if she had not done so to this point:

First, I’d like to know what you enjoy most about being a hotwife. I need you to tell me what it was physically, emotionally, and/or mentally that was a turn on for you to have other men.

Second, have you been to my website? If you have, have you read any of my guides and articles? If so, did any leave an impression on you? If so, which one(s) and why…?

I fully expected it to be a day or days before hearing back from her, but the reply was quite quick in coming. She had, in fact, been to the site herself and said she had read practically everything. What struck a chord with me was this:

I love that my husband can watch me and have two men turned on at the same time. The idea drives me nuts.

It’s incredibly rare for a girl in her early twenties to grasp that benefit and cherish it, but it gets better.

…it goes back to feeling the need to sexually satisfy the man.

That phrase was still in my mind when I had my first look at her later in the day.

adollThis was one of three shots she sent me including one of a face with dark eyes large enough to fall into. Everything about her, both physically and mentally, is geared around being perfectly suited to attracting males and being fully equipped to drain from them everything their balls can offer.

You might now appreciate why I have named her fuckdollMel when she participates in the chat. I’m sure there are women who will read this, along with some sensitive, hipster beta males seeking to curry favor, who will be critical of me for applying and using such a “misogynist”  term for a woman. Rather than see the glass half empty and see it as objectification of a women, why not see the glass half full and appreciate it as a celebration of female sexuality as intended? Better yet, why not ask the woman who uses it how happy she is to be considered as and trained to be a fuckdoll before throwing stones.

Finding the path, losing the path

Their first experiences sharing her included a friend of his, some swinging with couples, and even a somewhat regular bull for a while. At this point, they were running on momentum. Little steering was required, so no one really gave thought to the fact that no one was driving the bus.

It all seemed to be going great (I would come home from work to find her riding someone on the couch).

This quote points out an obvious issue to me. It is entirely possible to share one’s wife as a dominant, but in that case, it wouldn’t be a surprise she was on their couch, mounted on someone’s cock – she would have been told to offer that pleasure.  In our early conversations, fuckdoll confirmed for me that she was never really able to consider him in a dominant role. Being a good partner, he did his best to spank her and give her the dominant play she needed, but she never felt it was who he really was.

Then their momentum stalled. They moved away from their home state to an area very unlike where they came from, had a baby (his), and then tried getting back on the path.

Yes, fuckdoll is also a MILF!

Once the natural momentum stalled due to real life intruding, as it always does, her cuckold did what practically every cuckold does: tried to drive the bus back onto the path. With two submissives it is literally a situation of the blind leading the blind – or a submissive leading a submissive, to be precise. While common, it’s also common to be rejected by her as it was in their case. Neither were necessarily conscious of why they were behaving as they were they just knew that neither were getting what it was they needed. This is what leads to the bickering about things they both want.

Fixing the stool

Any relationship lacking a clear authoritative role will function like a two-legged stool. Many couples see themselves as peers but delegate authority for certain things like finances and home maintenance to the person best suited for it. In those instances, the stool gains that third leg, but in others, where leadership is vague or absent, things go out of balance again. When a couple welcome a Dom into their relationship, he becomes that third leg.

Having recognized this, I have stepped in for now and started providing the direction and mentoring both need. I will also help them find and qualify bulls to exercise my fuckdoll. If one of them has what it takes to be their Dom, I will gladly pass them off to him because that will benefit them the most.

Training begins

She is a visual flirt by nature but has never had a Dom to give her specific boundaries and expectations like she does now.


This was taken for me, at her desk. It’s a very casual environment and I will push that envelope.

Case in point, I was curious how that same top would look without the bra she had worn to work.


I wasn’t sure she would obey, but she did. I was certainly curious how she’d look and how the girls look unsupported (very nice), but more importantly I wanted her to experience her heart pounding and her arousal being triggered by being obedient.


I was actually distracted from her breasts in this shot because of that mouth.

As I do with any hotwife I’m with or training, I have given her specific instructions
for how she may dress at home. These instructions make it clear her body is to be
far more displayed than covered and may only change or put more on under exceptions
already agreed to. Currently, she has no approved exceptions.


This is one of her acceptable “home uniforms”.
Others include combinations of tank tops with panties/thongs or shorts.

I haven’t sent her to work without a bra yet, but that say is sure to come.
Either that or I’ll simply have her remove it while she’s there.


Fuckdoll, right?

Her hair is indeed lovely, but I asked her to wear it up so I can see that lovely neck.
She’ll be stunning with a slender collar around it.

There is still a lot to talk about regarding this couple, but one thing to note is that until recently, they were a premarital couple exploring this together. As some of you already know, I am very active in promoting this lifestyle for couples sooner rather than later and setting off on the right foot early in their relationship is a great benefit for them – and for those who will be deemed worthy of exercising her.