Blonde, curvy, submissive – what’s not to like about kimmie?

You’ll all have to take my word for it, but kimmie looks rather appealing in her white bra and thong set she posed in for her verification shot. She took the time to create a rather ornate sign with my name rather than just scribbling it on a bit of paper and I like that. I like how her ass looks in that thong even more.

Kimmie’s boyfriend is a long-time friend of her husband’s – someone who has a long history of fucking his women. One might look at it as a symbiotic relationship – the sort often found in nature where everyone benefits from a situation that, on the surface, doesn’t seem fair to everyone involved. Nonetheless, kimmie’s boyfriend knew the only real obstacle to being balls deep inside her was her – not her husband. Kimmie did fight him off for a while feeling as most women do that she was expected to honor the artificial boundaries of traditional marriage, but ultimately her attraction to him and the observation of the unique relationship the guys had together as friends helped her feel comfortable enough to explore the potential.

One might consider their relationship as a poly situation since the three of them spend a lot of time together outside of bed, but sexually it’s definitely developed into a Dom / sub couple lifestyle.