This sexy Georgia wife of 23 (now 27) has been coming here since at least April of this 2013 using the name ga_girl. She seemed so very excited she’d found our community and asked me how she could get verified. Here we are, months later and I’m proud to present her to you all with more to come soon.

lil_ga_wife-verified-1This sweetheart of a girl was a virgin when she married her boyfriend – a gift she surrendered to him after having kept it from him – and all the guys she dated and made out with in college. In fact, her then boyfriend often witnessed her make-out sessions with other guys after having encouraged her to explore so she wouldn’t feel tempted to break up with him to have that experience.

Her husband was her only partner for a little while after marrying, but as with most couples who have had a taste of this lifestyle, they knew she was never meant to be only enjoyed by him and she began dating and inviting her friends-with-benefits home where her cuckold began to witness her coupling and a young hotwife was born.

I believe many have had a similar experience of young love and sexual exploration, but few couples survive it together. Having met her well before she really blossomed sexually enabled her to appreciate his value as a best friend and made her realize her marriage would always be better when she invites other men into it. She currently does not have a committed boyfriend, but does see three friends-with-benefits on a weekly basis, in addition to sex with her husband.

Those who have read the Daddies & Littles post in my own blog here and enjoyed that will be happy to know I found an undiscovered little in ga_girl and that led us to introducing her to you as lil_ga_wife to introduce her ‘little’ side that I am very happy to help her explore while also indicating she’s a married, professional woman with a loving cuckold. Though she has been active as a hotwife, they haven’t really explored it openly as such. As you might imagine, I’ll be changing that along with a few other things.

To start with:

  • her husband must wait for his turn if she has a date that day (he cannot be first)
  • if she has a planned date, he may not have her the day before or the day of her date (until after)
  • she’s adorable as a brunette, but I’ve seen her blonde as well and prefer it on her