Our newest wife is the aspiring hotwife of jackuk. The topic of her experiencing another man has long been part of their pillow talk, but sally’s perspective on it was one that likely ensured it would never come to pass and if it did, would be difficult to repeat. I’m glad to say that our discussions have been productive over the past couple weeks – demonstrated by her posing for this verification shot (kudos on originality).

Officially, as agreed during our chat yesterday, sally is now a slut-in-training.

Her husband is going to read that and wet himself, but in a good way!

As all here should know, the term slut isn’t a pejorative within this community. A slut is simply any woman who chooses to enjoy and explore her sexuality. I encourage its use this way because by doing so we take away its power as a weapon of repression.

Sally’s perspective on being a hotwife had been an idealized, perfect situation while on holiday to a perfect destination. While that is certainly a great concept and fantasy, it’s also statistically unlikely to happen given the expectations placed upon this scenario – and that was a subconscious goal of having such a fantasy. I think she is more comfortable now seeing herself as a woman who can explore these ideas. I’ve asked her to think of herself as a hotwife and be open to the flirtations and interest of other men when she’s in social environments. If she meets someone interesting, we’ll just take things one step at a time.

I’m not aware of their location in the UK, but if you are a bull/Dom in the UK and want to approach them, bring your A game. Cliche phrases and simply having a dick to show her isn’t going to cut it.