This is the ultimate desire for nearly all cuckold couples: the wife’s snug sex eagerly welcoming her lover’s bare cock.

  • For the bull, the desire to seat his cock fully inside her as he spurts is as instinctive as breathing
  • For the wife, feeling his unimpeded explosion is both an instinctive pleasure and a lifestyle pleasure by offering the most intimate pleasure to another man
  • For the cuckold, just knowing of, let alone witnessing a natural coupling between his wife and her lover  will foster the most submissive of emotions

This simple, natural act holds even more meaning for everyone when the intimacy of penetration and/or internal orgasm has been denied to her cuckold.


Beyond the risk of pregnancy, such couplings contain the risk of sharing much more than DNA. This is, however, a risk that can be largely mitigated with three simple steps:

  1. testing
  2. commitments


Any male considering a role as a bull (or Dom) in a couple’s marriage, should eagerly and willingly consent to providing a recent, full STD panel. It should also be perfectly acceptable for the bull to require the same of the wife to be fair.

I understand that some couples will choose to trust the word of their bull and vice versa – as has happened with me and couples I’ve known, but to fully mitigate risk, test and commit.

Keep in mind that if either of you has had other partners recently,  you will need to wait the requisite time following those unions to consider a test accurate. In other words, if either of you has had unprotected sex with another partner within the two week waiting period for some tests can detect the presence of things unwanted, I advise to wait the two weeks before even having the panel done. After the panel comes back clean and commitments are made, the real intimacy can be enjoyed.


I’ve spoken before about the gift of exclusivity with a lover and how extended or indefinite commitments of sexual exclusivity between wife and lover can bring rich rewards for all involved, but another reason to consider such an agreement is to entice her lover into being equally committed. This way, as you move forward together, only their genitals will co-mingle, ensuring everyone’s continued good health.

Expanding The Stable

As long as any additional participants make the same commitments and follow the same procedures, there’s no reason the circle cannot be expanded. This allows the bull to also service other couples, but more importantly, allows the wife to add another lover or two to her stable to ensure variety and availability as needed.

Communication and procedure are key to ensuring the most dangerous risks are mitigated properly so reality and desire can coexist.

Proof Is In The Pudding

For many husbands, seeing the proof of his wife’s extramarital coupling in the form of her lover’s semen present inside her is an essential experience. For many wives, showing her husband that proof is also a thrill that cannot be easily reproduced by other means.

Being a witness to the sight of your wife’s swollen sex still obviously leaking the passion deposited there by her lover does not require that the cuckold interact with that pudding, but for those couples where doing so is an integral and intimate part of the experience, this testing is an absolute requirement, in my opinion.

Getting Tested

Getting your test through your usual doctor can be more of a violation of your lifestyle privacy than you’d like. Not having to deal with the questions, even unvoiced, about why you’d need such a test from your healthcare professionals is something most want to avoid and likely why more couples and bulls aren’t providing each other with this validation as they should.

I am in no way affiliated with this service, but it was recommended to me when researching options for testing and I have found it to be reasonably priced and much more easy to work with than using a ‘clinic’ or my own health care provider.

Now go on – get tested and make commitments to your lover!

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