To know me is to know that I am a social butterfly. In life I love connecting with people, making friends and having a good time. Between myself and james I am the more dominant and forward of the two of us in any social situation. I am the one who almost always has a pulse on people in the lifestyle, making it easy for me to decide with whom, when and where I will meet and I eventually will be fucked by. james, though very well spoken when chatting with him, has a calm reserved nature and has always willingly taken the backseat in all social settings. He loves me for my spirited personality and social game. And I love him for surrendering to me.
My marriage in becoming a cuckold marriage definitely is an outcome of my social prowess playing a significant role in my sexual maturity, self awareness and empowerment over james. It did not take long for me to realize that I could have better sex, not with james, but with those men who have much larger cocks and that sexual bravado that james will never have…he flinches and knowingly smiles every time I tell him this. Without my social perseverance as a “black only” slut I would be settling for less…be frustrated…and quite frankly bored out of my fucking mind.

When asked “why cuckolding?”, I wouldn’t say that cuckolding was a choice as much as it was an eventuality in our journey and dynamic as a couple….cuckolding doesn’t distinguish between love and sex, for us they work in harmony. It is very comfortable for me to cuckold james…it is who I am.

I love having control over my sexuality. Likewise by denying james the sexual life that he once knew, I now give him the conflicting emotions that he has learned and needs for his pleasure…almost as much as I need big black cock for my pleasure. For us, cuckolding is sincere and necessary, the result of our true love for each other and celebrating our differences as persons.

Happy Valentine’s Day…
Anne ♠ Cuckoldress of james