The only thing more erotic than enjoying a submissive is enjoying a submissive wife – in front of her husband.

I am a single, but not unattached male who has been involved in promoting and actively enjoying the D/s lifestyle, as applies to cuckolding, since this website was first established in 1996.

I have personally trained and enjoyed a half dozen couples and coached countless others in learning about themselves, their submissive nature, and their role within BDSM and/or cuckolding. To get some more background on why I established this website, check out the About Page.

Who’s in charge around here?! I am!

Luvr's CockA common issue among couples is role confusion. When the wife wants the husband to take control, especially sexually – and the husband secretly wants his wife to do the same, they have a problem. As a Dom, I establish and maintain the trust that enables providing that leadership. It’s difficult to explain to someone still entirely outside the experience, but for so many husbands it’s terribly erotic for them to see their wife respond for another male in what can only be described as an obedient fashion.

I was essentially recruited into this lifestyle by a couple who took interest in me as perhaps the guy who could make one of their long-standing fantasies a reality. They were no more experienced in this than I was, but our instincts and natural curiosity served us all well. By my third couple, I was comfortable and confident in a leadership role with a couple.

Our Greatest Erogenous Zone: the Mind

Where the mind goes, the body follows. What sets a hotwife/cuckold marriage apart from other forms of non-monogamy is the level of intellectual and emotional involvement making it well beyond a simple opportunity for casual sex. This is anything but casual.

Lay Analysis

When presented with something that seemed so counter intuitive, I found myself needing to be able to explain it to myself and to others I hoped to encourage along this path. I have no degree in psychoanalysis, sociology, or even biology, but I believe the dots of our reality can be logically connected without such a  background. In fact, I would posit the theory that said education, aka indoctrination, can blind us all to what’s right in front of our noses.

Using observation, my formal training an analysis, research, and personal experience, I have slowly peeled away the the outer and inner mysteries of what motivates couples and those involved with them to be interested in and gravitate toward this experience. This site is about what I’ve learned over the last twenty years.

Coach, Mentor

Though I have not become personally involved with a local couple in a few years now, I do continue to be very active in coaching and mentoring couples toward and through the complexities of a hotwife/cuckold marriage. This include pre-marital couples who have the necessary bond and commitment to each other to make this work.

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