A Bedside Portrait

It’s easy to look at this picture and simply think of her beauty, but imagine the emotion in her husband as he took this photograph of his wife with her face pressed to the belly of her boyfriend.

This wasn’t a simple snapshot, but rather an attempt to capture the power of a cuckold marriage by having the cuckold confirm his support by photographing his wife with the symbol of his cuckolding and the source of her pleasure.

Notice how shiny the head of his cock is? I would guess it was her tongue that got his cock to this state of arousal before asking her husband to take the picture. Once the shot was taken, can’t you just imagine her taking that cockhead back into her mouth to bring him to full erection so she can mount him while her cuckold witnesses their union?

Each cuckold couple should have a similar portait by their marital bed. If the presence of children prevents such an open display, then the portrait should be hung inside a closet door, for example, where both will see it at least once a day to remind them of the bond they all share through her commitment to and bond with her boyfriend’s cock.