Category: Cuckold Moments

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Cuckold Moments

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A Bedside Portrait

A Bedside Portrait It’s easy to look at this picture and simply think of her beauty, but imagine the emotion in her husband as he took this photograph of his wife with her face pressed to the belly of her boyfriend. This...

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Pressed Ham

Many wives are reluctant to overtly tease their cuckold physically, verbally or emotionally, yet for a cuckold, this is most certainly a vital aspect of the experience of being a cuckold.

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A Cuckold Vacation

Cuckold couples should consider shared vacations with the wife’s lover on a periodic basis to promote the same relaxed bonding among them as occurs during husband/wife vacations.

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Penis vs Cock

Cuckold couples should take care to apply the correct term for male sex organs based on roles. A cuckold’s organ, even if larger in size, should still be referred to as a ‘penis’ so the term ‘cock’ can be reserved for those organs with full potential to pleasure the wife.

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Your Wife, His Pet

A married pet should always be given the opportunities to demonstrate overt submission to her Master. These experiences are just as important for her own enjoyment of cuckolding her husband as they are for demonstrating the Master’s role to her submissive cuckold.

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Indelible Moment

The moment no cuckold ever forgets witnessing for the first time. Her boyfriend’s cock erect and pressed to her offered sex; she’s both anxious and excited knowing her cuckold watches. Her husband has been denied all...

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Meaningful Participation

You said you wanted to watch… A cuckold’s wife steadies herself against her husband’s thigh with one hand while using the other to help pose her husband’s restrained penis for this portrait. This is what...

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A Gateway To Watching

Warming up to letting your cuckold watch: A cuckold always has the desire to watch his wife and her lover couple. Being witness to their act of coitus is the culmination of their fantasies, sacrifices and support. For many wives...

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Her Trophy

A proud hotwife displays her boyfriend’s cock  to her husband. There are a few things that strike me about this scene: [arrow_list] her husband is taking the picture (foot in foreground) she is holding her...

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