Vacations away are great for couples, so why not for cuckold couples?

Often couples seek to ‘get away’ to recharge and re-energize their relationship. The idea that  her boyfriend or lover should always be excluded from such a vacation  must obviously be reconsidered. The same relaxed environment, unstructured schedule and the opportunities for enjoyable activities or  simply doing nothing at that benefit traditional couples can offer even greater benefits for the cuckold couple.

Consider a destination like Hedonism where a permissive environment allows a cuckold couple to much more openly explore and experience your lifestyle. Your wife’s boyfriend will have more opportunity to show off his girlfriend to an appreciative audience and your wife will likely find she’s not the only wife cuckolding her husband.

Looking at the picture above, do you think their cuckold followed them at a discrete distance to witness his wife being shown off nude to other guests or do you think this was his parting view of them on their way to a secluded spot off the beach? Either way, this moment should be a source of pride for the cuckold and a source of bonding for all three.

Even for cuckolds who are not typically cut off from coupling with their wife, such a commitment might be best for the duration of such a vacation. For wives or Doms considering retiring their cuckold’s penis from intercourse, or at least introducing more structured restrictions, such a venue could provide the most erotic way to introduce / test the arrangement.