Warming up to letting your cuckold watch:

A cuckold always has the desire to watch his wife and her lover couple. Being witness to their act of coitus is the culmination of their fantasies, sacrifices and support. For many wives and bulls, this is a stressful, anxious event. One way to ease into this event is to allow your cuckold to witness other intimacies before and even during times when he can witness the moment of her mounting and penetration.

Left you see the view of her husband as this wife relaxes in the tub with her lover. While this is simply an extended form of foreplay, the act of staging it in such a manner to make it viewable by the cuckold introduces the wife and her lover to being comfortable exhibiting their sexual intimacy in front of the husband without it being full intercourse.


As a bull or Dom, your cock will come to symbolize the relationship and the lifestyle to which the couple has committed themselves. It’s only natural her husband be curious about what’s hanging between your legs. In most cases it’s not out of some bisexual desire, but rather a means of being better able to appreciate and visualize what his wife has come to adore.

To the Doms/bulls: making it customary for the wife to undress you and expose your cock to her husband during foreplay is not only an excellent run up to letting him watch, but also exercises the submissive needs of a cuckold couple. To make this process more meaningful and within the context of a D/s encounter, you should always require them to be nude or in the state of dress you prefer for them before she gets you ready for direct play.

You’re not requiring her cuckold to be naked because you like looking at him naked, but rather because for him, forced nudity is an expression of submission and  it is humbling to have his aroused state exposed. It’s important though to have his excitement on display so both you and his wife can track his true response to your play as it progresses. I will use the opportunity of having him exposed to direct his wife to physically tease his swollen penis to both foster intimacy while sharing in such and event and to reaffirm my control of the situation.

A couple sessions like this and everyone should be ready for the cuckold to witness the main event!