This is a love scene between husband and wife despite and because her boyfriend has just left his pretty wife’s sex swollen and filled.

I recommend that she face the other direction to ensure her cuckold’s attention is on his service to her sex and not on rubbing himself.

Having his tongue there, where his wife was joined to her lover isn’t really about the seed her lover pushed deep inside her – that’s just the physical proof of their natural coupling. What this act is about is submission – pure, raw submission and an exchange of power from the husband to the wife. Feeling with his tongue how swollen her labia are and the flavor of her sex after sex is normally the least likely act for a husband when he knows his wife has coupled with another male and therefor holds the highest emotional and mental value as a demonstration of commitment to this lifestyle as a couple.

The first time I witnessed a husband perform this act I was shocked. He was obviously very horrified by her request as well. She had threatened him with it during their pillow talk, I later found out, but he obviously wasn’t quite prepared for her demand for it if he wanted to continue watching us in the future. I couldn’t imagine doing such a thing and was totally unprepared for witnessing even someone else do it. I could tell though that it was a huge rush for her. She had a grip on my cock like someone was going to try to steal it and her orgasm came quickly and powerfully while he tongued her. After the immediate shock wore off, I suddenly began to appreciate the submission it took for him to be licking her where I’d just been fucking her and that began to turn it from something strange to something beautiful.


Too many couples and prospective bulls/Doms get hung up on the ‘creampie’ issue when that’s really just a sideshow or perhaps progression from the basic act. Once the husband has adjusted to the humiliation of licking her where she’s been joined to her lover and becomes aroused at the expected expression of his submission, taking things a bit further is often the way to go.

No one ever said that her man had to be finished for the cuckold to demonstrate his commitment to the lifestyle. I only allow and encourage this sort of interaction when I know the cuckold is performing this service for us out of submission – I’m not at all into bi-sexual men so the turn-on in this for me is having him demonstrate his submission, not his interest in my cock. Yes, there are certainly those husbands who have bisexual curiosity and if that’s fine by their wife, great for them, but not my cup of tea. What draws me to cuckold couples is the submission of two rather than just one.