A Wife Completed

I’ve been hoping to get bmollaie to keep his own damn blog updated, but he’s been very busy with life, work, child and oh yeah, a sexy wife fucking her boss on almost a daily basis; I guess I can cut him some slack. Yes, her boss. I hadn’t realized it or remembered that it was her boss who put this couple on the path to cuckolding when she could no longer resist or deny her attraction to his assertive nature and good looks, but that’s the case as it is with many working wives these days.


After my introductory post about them, b posted a comment to it that explained some of their progress and e’s initiation of ‘date night’.

It’s Saturday afternoon at the moment, here is Sydney, and later on tonight, Emma will be joining some of her single girlfriends tonight (single but still enjoy active sex lives). We have agreed that if she is approached by a man of her liking tonight, she has my full and knowing consent to break the seal of our ‘monogamous’ marriage and begin cuckolding me tonight.

There is only one condition: she must only engage in protected sex for the time being. I also requested that she tie the condom(s) up and return them home to me, to ensure protection is being used.

It was no surprise to me that e easily found herself a gentleman suitor and spent quality time with him in his hotel room before bringing home two filled condoms to her cuckold. E was very open with me about how empowering it was for her to give in to that need and desire and know doing so would bring her closer to her husband, which it did.

Pep Talk

E and her lover had called off their intimacy after she and b began to discuss her affair, what it meant and how cuckolding should be the answer to their needs – not cheating. Having sorted though out and realizing her attraction to her boss was still very much alive, it was decided that they would re-open their relationship and they have been coupling on a rather frequent basis – almost daily some weeks. After talking with b, it became clear she was holding back on him. He was full of uncertainty about what she was doing and how often and I could see the anxiety that was creating for him. Fortunately, she came to talk to me soon after that and I brought this up with her. She was keeping this from her cuckold at first because she was self-conscious about how it made her look to be so hungry for her lover’s cock.

I not only reminded her of her new role and her husband’s very eager support of it, but also reminded her of her past cheating with this man and told her she cannot afford to repeat any mistakes when it comes to being open about cuckolding her husband and including him in everything they do. I also coached her a bit more on proper ‘care and feeding’ of her cuckold and encouraged her to take a much more active role in teasing her cuckold through sharing her experiences and feelings with him. I gave her several goals and expressed clear expectations for her.


B had already agreed to not ask for intercourse with her unless she initiated it. This was working out well for e who was enjoying the exclusive physical bond she was creating with her lover, but it was creating an impediment to intimacy. This occurs because the cuckold still wants intimacy – still want to touch and cuddle and be touched even though it will ultimately be an exercise of frustration. E was limiting herself from engaging in this intimacy because she feared he would misunderstand it as inviting intercourse.

My solution: a 60 day embargo on intercourse for them. With that established, there was no more miscommunication and the two of them were free to cuddle and participate in many acts of physical and emotional intimacy without the stress of expecting intercourse as an outcome.


In another week or so, e has committed to being her lover’s date at a wedding in a neighboring state. While this has many erotic possibilities, it also presents rather significant anxiety issues for the cuckold  – especially given e’s past with her boss. Since all of their intimacy has to this point been private, I suggested it be more important than usual for b to be directly involved sooner rather than later. This is done to not only help her cuckold feel more involved, but to help establish an understanding in her lover that b isn’t simply an accepting wittol, but a partner in his wife’s pursuit of sexual fulfillment.

A Home Date

In the last post about them, I mentioned my guidance for welcoming her lover into their home to make him a welcome part of their marriage. That will happen in two days – on Thursday. He will be invited home for dinner and an evening with his lover in the privacy and comfort of e and b’s home. She will wear only lingerie that e bought her for their last anniversary since it will decorate and display her beautifully. Doing so isn’t simply to arouse her lover, but as another means to express her husband’s support and encouragement for their coupling rather than a simple acceptance of it. If her lover were to arrive and she was buttoned up in jeans and a turtleneck sweater, it would be easy to imagine the husband not knowing the extent of their relationship, but when she answers the door wearing next to nothing and being as comfortable that way in front of him as she is with her husband, volumes are said without a word being spoken.

This is a big step in their evolution as a cuckold couple but a necessary one for all involved. We all hope that this experience will provide a foundation upon which a more open inclusion of her lover into their home and marriage will be built.

More to come…