This image conveys a thousand words, and more than a few emotions, does it not?


In terms of asserting my dominant role in a marriage, I found that fucking a cuckold’s wife in the missionary position is the most intimate emotionally. At the opposite end of the intimacy scale, is having her on all fours, essentially making good use of her sex. A close second, for me, in terms of enjoyment, is what’s pictured here: pinning her beneath me, filling her from behind while still being able to kiss her, fondle her breasts and drive myself very deep.

This is a mating position.

I’m not entirely sure why, but this position, perhaps for some base instinctive reason, is the one that most makes me think of impregnating a wife. Perhaps it’s that reason I tend to come even more when I’m coupling with a wife in this position even when I know she’s protected. I think this wife and her lover have coupled this way numerous times looking at how intimate their coupling is in this position. Her cuckold was lucky to get a picture to document such a moment in his marital history.

For all we know, she might well be fertile and sometimes, nature just takes its course.