One of the risks of interacting online is the prevalence of fraud. By fraud, I mean someone purposely representing themselves as other than what/who they are. This is something I’ve been used to since I first got online in the mid 90s, but never ceases to irritate me.

I’ve gotten quite adept over the years at spotting the obvious frauds and finding incompatibilities and obvious falsehoods in statements and stories I’m told by people. Often the bullshit factor is tolerated for entertainment sake or despite some misgivings I opt to believe someone at face value. Sometimes that decisions bites me in the ass as with cuckold4tina who turned out to be one of the frauds. His story seemed too good to be true, but was certainly entertaining and at first, the images he provided for his blog posts seemed legit, but alas, I began to suspect something wasn’t right and when the rightful owner of one of those images contacted me, my suspicion was confirmed and I immediately removed those posts.

Why am I bringing this all up? If you want to be part of this community – be genuine. If you’re not, you’re going to get caught sooner or later and then you’ll no longer be welcome. There are plenty of other places you can pretend, so go there.

I started talking to this person on DarkCavern, one of the places I go to help spread the word. Little did I know that this was actually cuckod4tina.

Today, he came into the chat here and was talking about wanting to be included among the cuckold couples, so I began using some of the ‘investigative tools’ I have to check who people are and discovered this was, in fact, cuckold4tina and I called him on it. Click on the image for a larger view to read how that went once my data checking was conclusive.

He wasn’t the first to fool me and likely won’t be the last, but be warned, I’m not forgiving when it comes to lying to me.