Today we came back from a wonderful vacation. Last night my wife took it over the edge for me by calling her boyfriend while making me play with my throbbing member. I asked her not to call him but she did anyway laughing at me. He did not answer his phone but sure enough, several hours later he called back and they set up a ‘session’ for tonight.

When we arrived home and unloaded the car she went straight to the shower and began getting ready for her overnight love session with her handsome love. All I could do is wait on the bed like a good cuck and listen to the shower run. Deep pains circulated my heart and body. I felt a bit paralyzed again knowing what was going to happen. I made a room reservation at a five-star hotel with a King Bed making sure she would be comfortable and safe. I watched as she selected her undergarments, lingerie and personal effects in her overnight bag. When she approached and asked how I was doing I could only tell her how beautiful she looked and smelled and that her lover would be very pleased.

I drove her to the Hotel and told her that she is my one and only love, that I will honor and treasure for as long as I live. I will always be here for her. Make sure she has nice clothes, perfumes …… anything she needs to look her best. They will be feasting on room service for a day or two and I am happy to oblige. How am I so lucky to have her?