Letting Him Watch

Too many wives have the attitude that their intercourse with a boyfriend or lover is is a personal and private pleasure to which the husband has no right to witness. Often these wives cite how ‘uncomfortable’ they are being watched and/or the boyfriend’s reluctance to have the husband watch is allowed to come between husband and hotwife.

Bullshit. On all of it.

What differentiates cuckolding from swinging is the singular focus on the wife as the center of the marriage and the center of marital sexuality. The husband has already given up much to even entertain the practice of his wife’s extramarital sex. Enjoying the situation doesn’t mean it’s been any less difficult for him.


I say it all the time: cuckolding is still a marriage and therefore still requires compromise. For wives who aren’t 100% comfortable being watched by their husband: get over it. He’ll never be 100% comfortable with you sharing your most intimate pleasures with someone else, but he’s comfortable enough to set the discomfort aside so you can both enjoy this experience – now its your turn. It doesn’t have to happen overnight and doesn’t have to happen all the time, but your cuckold absolutely deserves to sometimes witness your coupling whether you and your boyfriend like it or not.


Rather than believe you’re offering your husband something he may not deserve or something you’re not sure you want to offer, consider the idea of using it to lovingly tease your cuckold further. If your lover has been asking for something you’ve not done with your husband, then I’d say the time to give in to him on that is with your husband watching.

Point Of View

Your lover doesn’t have to know your husband is watching, either; in the case of a reluctant boyfriend, you do have options. You can give him time to adjust or move the fuck on or you can arrange to have your husband watch you two covertly. A third choice for those wives dating someone they really enjoy inside them who isn’t likely to let the husband watch is to start dating an additional lover who will.

Being a witness to his wife’s coupling, periodically, is a right, not a privilege.