After our initial meeting with Rick I knew I wanted him more than ever.  With my husband Tom’s okay I invited Rick over to our house for drinks the following evening.  Admittedly I was a nervous wreck all day, my body said yes but my conscience kept saying no.  I finally told myself that nothing was wrong with seeing where this might develop.  I took a nice hot bath to clear my mind.  I decided on a powder blue tight blouse that’s showed off my cleavage nicely along with a dark blue above the knee flared skirt and 4” pumps.  My lingerie consisted of a black lace half cup bra with matching bikini panties and a garter belt with off black stockings.  My husband was like a little puppy eagerly watching me dress for my date.  I knew I was ready.

 My heart skipped a beat when the doorbell rang.  I met Rick at the door with a warm welcome kiss and held onto his arm as I walked him in.  I hoped that would make him more at ease.  We sat closely on the couch as Tom sat opposite us on the chair across the room as we chatted.  Rick put his arm around me as I put my head on his shoulder.  As Tom was making drinks in the kitchen Rick and I started to make out and explore each others bodies.  When Tom returned we were locked in a very tight embrace.  Tom put down our drinks and soon left the room.

 After awhile of hot kissing and fondling I took Rick’s hand and walked him to our bedroom.  As Tom was in our family room reading he noticed us go to the bedroom as we walked by.  We both slowly undressed Rick being naked and me with only my garter belt, stockings and heels.  We coupled soon after in what seemed like hours.

Rick stayed the night and we made love two more times before he left that morning.  Tom wanted to hear everything in detail and I obliged him, his quick spurting told me how he felt.  I discovered at that moment Tom was going to be my cuckold hubby.  Since that night I have been with Rick three more times and plan to continue seeing him as well as other men. 

I have started to be more forceful in making Tom my cuckold by now placing him in chastity whenever I’m with Rick.