The view of this moment, as captured in the featured image above, lacks the most important element of this moment in time, forever captured by her husband’s photograph.

Much is said here about the bond between a hotwife and her boyfriend, but as I’ve also said, that bond exists solely because of the bond between husband and wife. The full image below gives us the real story when we can read that expression on her face, the smile that’s obviously for her husband. In this moment, she’s looking at her husband, seeing how his own penis twitches and bobs in excitement and she realizes how truly fortunate she is to be this loved.

My second couple was much like this – she rarely spoke to me during our coupling. Instead, she watched, taunted and encouraged her cuckold who witnessed every coupling knowing he’d been denied before our coupling and would continue to be denied afterward. I was little more than a living dildo for her – for them, but she was voracious in bed and I wasn’t complaining. Neither is this guy.