Not So Strange Afterall

little-cosplayAs with many aspects of alternative sexual lifestyles, ‘littles’ and ‘Daddies’ are very misunderstood by most, including by myself. Many if not most people, upon hearing or seeing references to an adult woman referring to their ‘daddy’ in a sexual way are going to assume she has some serious father issues and an adult male referring to his ‘little girl’ ¬†or ‘baby girl’ invites accusations of pedophilia, but neither are necessarily the case. Just as a workplace romance between a wife and her boss leverages natural dominant/submissive roles, so does a daddy and his girl.


Discipline deepens the contrast of their roles.

Most littles are women in their 20s and 30s who enjoy a submissive role, expressed through girlish behavior, dress and mannerisms to create more contrast between herself and the more experienced, more worldly dominant whose role is not only to be her sexual partner, but provide leadership, a sense of security and belonging and to apply discipline and punishment.

Pretty much standard D/s when you look at it that way and without realizing it, I was a girl’s daddy at one point some years ago now, though I don’t think either of us knew there was a ‘name’ for it just as many cuckold couples are such before finding out they’re far from being alone.


A coed little sends her Daddy a selfie before falling asleep to dream of him.

It’s not like we don’t already see many younger women with much older men. I know, that’s called Hollywood, right? But seriously, if you look around you’ll see that happening around you. A young woman with an older man feels secure, feels appreciated and being disciplined by her Daddy feels very natural. Couples closer in age are often in a peer relationship which contributes to the need for an external dominant once both partners realize their need for a submissive role.

I believe many young women (and young couples) would be far better off later in life by being adopted and trained by a responsible, creative Daddy for a while before being ‘released into the wild’.