On the surface, this image appears to be a simple moment in time capturing a very sexy, little blonde out in public with her boyfriend, but when I took note of a few details I came away think it was an example of a defiant daddy’s girl or trophy wife.


  • she’s leading him around like a puppy
  • there doesn’t seem to be much chemistry between them
  • if she were wearing any less she could be arrested, yet he’s workin his ‘saggies’

These details lead me to the conclusion that while this little snowflake is certainly getting fucked by this guy, it’s less about her interest in him and more about her interest to punish her daddy/husband for something.

Maybe he only bought her a BMW instead of a Benz.

The good news is I fully expect her to continue pursuing black cock – I just hope she meets someone who can put her on the short leash she needs to be on.