Erect & Impotent

Males have an embedded expectation of either sex or release whenever their penis becomes swollen. While this is perfectly acceptable for alpha males who inspire eager desire for intercourse among involved females, such is not the case for the beta whose sexual performance may leave his wife feeling sex can often be a chore as much as an anticipated pleasure. For these wives, the periodic intercourse is acceptable and even enjoyable, but they will often avoid arousing their husband at other times realizing that any arousal may lead to the expectation of sex.

A submissive male must be trained to accept that having his penis in a swollen and excited state has no bearing on his right or expectation to experience anything more than that swollen, excited state and the inevitable ache in the testicles which will accompany a prolonged arousal. While most cuckold husbands may become erect frequently without much intervention,  training a submissive male to accept the proper role for his penis is best achieved through purposeful and direct teasing of the male to elicit both the desired behavior and desired response.

Empowerment Is Pleasure

When freed from the expectations of intercourse, most wives will begin to enjoy the interaction of taking a more proactive role in the empowerment that lies within feeling the pulse of their husband’s heartbeat directly through their needful, yet unused erection. This empowerment can be very arousing, but I caution wives to be mindful that such arousal is often the result of the empowerment and not necessarily a true desire for intercourse with their cuckold. If  the cuckold is then allowed to make use of his erection, the lesson is then lost. The best response is to either make use of his tongue, allow him to strap on your preferred dildo – or have your cuckold call your boyfriend to see if he’s going ot be available that evening to see to your needs.

A hotwife letting her cuckold know she is aware of his need for her, but reinforces her right to enjoy his erection without allowing him sex or manual release. except by her direct involvement or permission.

In the image above we see a penis fully aroused, but the woman’s hands aren’t actively exciting him but are instead resting there to enjoy the proof of his need for her and his acceptance of his role. Her right hand feels the tension in his testicles while the right takes note of the extent of swelling present in the head of the penis.

Upside For The Cuckold

The second, equally important reason for frequently reinforcing this behavior in the cuckold is in the intimacy shared during such experiences. Rather than have his penis ignored, he now enjoys much more frequent contact and attention. Will it be frustrating for him? Yes. Will he be more attentive to your need? Hell yes. Would he rather experience this frustration than not have the interaction with you?

Try it for a day and you’ll have your answer.