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        I want to challenge all my fellow baby dick having whitboy cucks .. Let’s get these white girls blacked. Start to encourage every white women you know how beautiful big black cock is. Encourage them to watch interracial porn and make ahure they know that is all you watch. Make sure they know how small white penise is compared to big black cock. . my final challenge is to start getting more black cum in your diet.. Good for your health as a cuckold.

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          My hubby is white and I am black. I love all big cock colors but I can’t turn down a BBC!!

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          Lovemy Cage

            I love having a little clitty it means I have the honour of being able to live out my dreams xxx

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              ALL WoMen Deserve BIGFATBLACKCOCK…


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                I agree 100%

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                  I’m surprised there aren’t more comments on this subject. I, like many others, have a little white dick and fully support the idea of women getting BBC to enjoy and satisfy them.

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                    This idiot racist shit arises again and again.

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                        So you think that a white cuckold encouraging his partner to sleep with black men makes him racist? That seems odd! Would you label the cuckoldress who agrees to this ‘racist’ as well? Just curious.

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                            But these claims above like “ONLY BLACK MEN SHOULD BREED!!!” and blacks are superior are definietly racist shit. Are you satisfied by the answer?

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                              Well, they are certainly race-conscious, but hardly in a way that denigrates black men.

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                                Ha Ha Ha!…Wait…What? Ha ha ha!

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                                  Yes, indeed, it’s racism.

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                                    Racism is not defined as denigrate of black people only? In fact black people denigrating white people is as much racism than the opposite.

                                    Believing racism is only white suppressing other races is a PC hoax

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                                      “BBC – Black Mamba – Chocolate Daddy Dick – Etc”

                                      There is NOTHING RACIST to people being fooled and then perpetuating the baloney that Black men just genetically blessed to have bigger wieners than White men do! The sole reason for that fallacy is the same one that has men believing that all women want out of sex is a huge White cock too. That gross misperception and sexually injurious lack of accurate feminine information is why nuts like INCEL clowns are sexually blighted while the rest of the guys are enjoying plenty of raw, lust-fueled blow-jobs and having their brains fucked out, or so they say; and say it loudly! The reality though is they are clueless children who watch hours of free porn daily and see all those White guys with huge white cocks. As most girls know, most of that so-called great sex guys are bragging about and congratulating themselves over is actually laden with uncomfortable childish poking and prodding and do not know how to interpret what “chick-sounds” are trying to tell them. Guys of all races who cannot locate – let alone properly put a girl’s clitoris through its pleasurable paces, think they are the best their girl has or will ever have in bed. Fault is shared between the genders too. Women are by nature caring compassionate supportive generally nice and sweet people, who would rather drive off a cliff than destroy a man by truthfully telling them girls really do not enjoy micro-dicks and abhor being pointlessly being licked and slobbered by an out-of-control Bull Mastiff. Girls unfortunately perpetuate all of the shitty unskilled fucking and selfish lack of decent foreplay, because they are too nice to speak up and demand good – nay great sex from all those men with the big dicks that stalk them in the night.

                                      Regardless of race or dick size that has been the most perpetuated lie in sexual history, girls need to look beyond free porn to learn sex skills and damning themselves to the purgatory of of a dead-in-bed sex life! When it comes to dick size they can of course learn by personal research, or talking with other women who are known for their plethora of penis play, Ask any woman and they will tell you that “SIZE DOES MATTER” and the guy with the biggest cock was just a winner in the genetic lottery! Women need to tell boyfriends, husbands and fuck-fuck buddies they needs to read up on female anatomy anatomy and spend some times watching chick-flicks to balance out their voracious appetites for online porn and all the awesome sex they are having – alone with their eyes closed!

                                      Back to the Black vs. White cock debate! Most guys in porn – Black, White, Brown or otherwise all seem to have the big cocks that frustrate women in their search for the one they are expecting vs. the real ones they are getting! All Black guys having huge girthy cocks has been the most perpetuated racial lie ever imposed upon women and intimidated or crushed the feelings and confidence of uninformed White males who also have big dicks!

                                      The approximate population of Black people in the United States’ national population is about 13%. The numbers of Black men involved in porn and/or cuckold play, is quite small and may represent about the same percentage compared to White porn actors. [The side-note is where White males prevail is cuckolding. For some reason it’s pretty much a White male monopoly. Maybe that’s because all Black women have ever heard throughout their lives if White guys all have tiny pink dicks so there’s no reason to even bother with inter-racial cuckolding. That or Black men know better than to ever bring up any kind of extra-marital sex, lest they be beaten half to death by an angry Black woman and all her very supportive female friends] Maybe? Just a thought. So again, finding and selecting an anomaly from a limited and available population is easier within that group. Without diluting the Black cock numbers with an equal racial balance, the “BBC” is not the Holy Grail or the inarguable truth. The national Black cock average has to be about the same as what researchers call “average” for American men: 5.9″ – 6.2″ with girth at 5.0 inches. Try watching some REAL HOMEMADE cuckold videos. You will see plenty of average sized Black dicks attached to Black men who are just as clueless, or have trouble getting and keeping a workable erection necessary for penetration and continuous thrusting while being watched and videotaped by some White guy who has convinced himself that the perfect thing for his wife or girlfriend is a dose of Black dick and all the equally shitty foreplay!

                                      Just for sake of support for my argument that Black men do not have a monopoly on big cocks, my husband is White like me. No apologies but I do not have any interest in Black men. He has a REAL 8+ inch cock with 6 1/4″ girth, beautifully straight with a nice looking head on it. I only offer this information as an analogy. I say that about his cock because it seems that every guy on the Internet has an 8″ cock as big around as a pop can. When you call their bluff (like users of the old CraigsList) and invite them over for a blow job, their 8″ house of cards collapses. It usually turns out their 8″ has been measured from underneath from the tip to wherever they run out of feeling anything remotely related to their dick and it erectile tissues. Their girth was mostly measured with the tape measure running around their balls too.

                                      I will acknowledge that I have used the old CL for head hook-ups because my husband was OK with my practical addiction to giving blow-jobs and nothing else would ever happen of harm our soulmate love for life. We might be “cuckold lite” because I REALLY like doing it and even if he is home he can watch TV in the den while I suck and swallow a nice guy in the livingroom. I am very thorough in knowing who I will be blowing. I ask for their name and birthdate over the phone and run it through an online database. When they arrive if they refuse to show me their drivers license or they have parked anywhere but in our driveway where we have great video cameras, I send them packing. I can’t suck and swallow someone who I don’t feel is trustworthy and generally a nice guy. Sounds corny but I love giving head because I feel submissive looking up at them with their cock in my mouth and watching their faces react to different things. I believe that nice guys deserve to have sexual release and pleasure. That’s it. Really! When they cum they all look and when I swallow all of their cum shot, most look surprised the first time. I have about a dozen nice gentlemen whom I have been sucking off for almost two years on occasion when they call me or if I really want to do it for 2 or 3 who live close to us I call them. It’s kind of unfortunate that all of them are happily married but they never get a blow job at home. That does not excuse breaching their marriage and marital contract, but I just truly believe deep down in my heart that really nice guys deserve it. My husband and I have talked ad nauseam about the ethics of what I do and why I enjoy it. We agree it is done as an ethical “greater good” and God still loves me! Out of all the cocks I gave service to I saw many different sizes, but nearly all of them were well over average. The longest was close to 9 inches long but had little girth over about 4-5 inches. I still did it for him several times but it felt weird to be so narrow. The only positive was it was thin enough not to make me gag and ruin the experience.

                                      Back to my Craigslist experiences: In regards to cock size, as long as they were honest and I felt the chemistry after talking a while, out of 21 different men, only 9 were bullshitters. They had added inches that were not there or got my attention by using a stolen photo of a gorgeous suck-able cock from somewhere else and posted it. Without exception I called them on it and asked all 9 to leave without what they came for and would never get under any circumstances. That doesn’t make me a bitch. It makes me a girl who enjoys anonymous sex play who refuses to be lied to! One guy was so angry he intentionally knocked over and broke a ceramic figurine on a shelf by the door. My husband gave it to me on our second date. Just by luck as it shattered on the floor as the guy opened the door, my husband just happened to walk in the door from work. He was calm and polite towering over the guy by several inches and was wearing his uniform because he changes out at home. Not only did the guy immediately calm down and apologize profusely, but he admitted the reason he was so angry was he had used his last “Levitra” hard-on helper pill that cost $27.00 each. Afterward he managed to find an identical figurine and brought it to me a couple weeks later, with way more apologies than were ever expected. Now THAT guy was the personification of a bitch with male genitalia!

                                      This Black cock fallacy has become somewhat institutionalized in American myth; but it’s nothing more than crap-bullshit-lies and deliberate exaggeration and a deliberate obfuscation of reality. The lie is just a perpetuation of bullshit created within cuckolding people in America, post Civil War. There had always been sexual tension between Black men and White women but there was no way to legitimize it. It was an overflow of cuckolding way back then and the lies were either mistakes that a few women applied to all Black men in secret scandalous conversations between friends. What it did was empower and protect Black men so they can have sex with married, primarily White, women without a social breakdown of order and fear of being lynched. Then like now they get to strike a blow for “400 years of “Black oppression” and safely humiliate the socially and economically more powerful and prominent White husbands who are silenced and embarrassed by their fetish. It’s the same fetish most husbands likely introduce to his otherwise loyal monogamous wife. When they recoil or reject the idea up front some men resort to pushing, guilt, threat of going elsewhere or greatly rewarding his wife for her “voluntary” acquiescence to fulfill her husband’s wishes. Most would never have an interest in a Black lover, but their husband has been swayed or is awed by porn and curious to see if the lie is true. It’s a fetish that pussy husbands allow to override their judgment center in their brains that can potentially disappoint them when the exaggerations are found to be nearly bullshit when he realizes he might find a Black dick over the natural average as a one in a hundred lucky find. There are way more White males available for the fetish so chances of finding the big cock they think their wife needs is far more likely.

                                      The day after is when the lie bothers them. Worse, better or funny – depending upon your feelings about the marital institution, is the wife suddenly or finally finds some hidden confidence and previously unrecognized chemistry with her muscularly ripped Nubian lover who rearranged her internal organs and found places she did not know existed! For the first time in her life she has been taken by a creative and dominant man to whom she can release her inner submissive appreciation of power and provision engrained in female DNA, and she demands the complete flip in the relationship model and she decides who and when she is going to fuck others under peril of her losing interest in him and heading for divorce. He likely put the machine in motion and he can’t stop it, even though chances are he was a happily married man for all those years and his cock was statistically the same size as all the Black cock his wife is chasing. If he finally gathers the courage to ask her, she will likely in her new found confidence tell him the truth of all truths in the debate and myths of black vs. White cock size. He might really regret instead of enjoying that unless he’s also got a self-deprecating self-flagellation fetish. Only suckers believe everything they hear!

                                      Thanks for taking your valuable time to read my blather!

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                                  Small Phil

                                    I encouraged my stunningly beautiful ex to go black, she was so beautiful I genuinely felt she should have the best!! It never happened even tho we talked about it a lot, shame.

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                                        I read your submission with great interest. Never thought of it as being racists nor myself as being such. I understand that to many black men with white women is sort of taboo. But it’s becoming mainstream. TV shows, TV ads even show mixed race couples and more and more mixed race children of that coupling. I think the Kardashian women broke the ice for many white women and the entertainment community including sports has made black men with white women almost a fad. My wife has a high libido and I knew that on our first date. She has been with a couple of ladies and a single friend of mine. Before I knew what a cuckold was I found watching her with him especially, was damned exciting for me. Can’t explain where that came from nor do I understand my fascination watching his cock in her anymore than my wife can explain her excitement of me watching it all unfold so to speak.

                                        But I digress. A mutual lady friend is urging my wife to try a black man and that thought we both find exciting but not for the BBC myth. Looking at movies we are intrigued by the color contrast. She’s not wanting to be any one’s married white slut nor do I wish that for her. It’s just something new we might enjoy so long as there is mutual respect for each of the three of us. Thoughts or comments?

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                                        I encouraged my white wife to fuck black cocks for many years. I showed her interracial porn, big black cocks being enjoyed by married white women. Finally one day she decided, all by herself, to try sucking a black cock. Soon after sucking his black cock and balls, my wife was enjoying fucked by a black stranger’s black cock fucking hard and deep in her unprotected married white cunt. Since then my wife has enjoyed being fucked by 5 more big black cocks.
                                        I talk to my wife about how much bigger black cocks are compared to my white teenie weenie. I always like to make sure that my wife can see how much bigger the black cocks, around her, are compared to my white teenie weenie.
                                        I have tasted a few black men’s cum loads on my wife’s lips and in her mouth during deep French kisses after they shot their cum loads in her mouth.

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                                          Yes, my Filly and I often look at interratials, because she like young blacks, it is sure that they generally have a bigger tail and mine being tiny: there is no photo!
                                          Like any good cuckold, I have to accept that she is blacked.

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                                            On the few occasions wifey agrees to watch porn with me I always make sure it’s interracial. Just hoping to plant that seed and get it into her head that she needs to try BBC lol

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                                              Just getting started. Before we married my girl friend and I got a bit high and were fooling around at a friend of mine house late one night while he was showering. He caught us with her shirt pulled up and things being what they were and she bring who she still is didn’t complain when he joined us. Watching him (he’s white) fuck my girl was perhaps the most exciting thing I’d ever seen. I can’t explain it but I had to see it again and again. She and I got married and he still “visited”. At my urging she’d wear hose and sexy underwear for him. Now three plus years of intermittent sex with him she broke it off because he was trying to exclude me. We had met online a lady with whom we exchange regular emails. She told us that she is very interested in finding a black man to cuck her husband with and told my wife that she too should go the route. Neither of the three of us believe in the myths but there is something so erotic about the contrasting colors. We do watch IR porn and my wife finds it highly arousing, especially since our lady friend is going that route and wants my wife to as well. She has suggested I invite a black guy I work with who is also my fishing buddy to our home for the express intent of trying it out. He’s a horn dog so the only thing that would prohibit him would be guilt that I’m his friend. But as we males know, a stiff dick has no conscious. Once this virus crap is done we are probably going to take the plunge. If anyone has any helpful suggestions on how to proceed your input will be welcomed.

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                                                  If you and your wife both want her to be fucked by a black man, you should do everything you can to get your black friend to fuck your wife. My wife and I were both very happy when she finally decided that she wanted to be fucked by a black man. Since then my wife has been fucked 5 other black men and she loved being fucked by all of them. I am sure that you and your wife will love her being fucked by your black friend while you watch.

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                                                      Thank you for the encouragement and details of your experiences.

                                                      Yeah, Thomas is my friend and we work at the same place and that gives me pause. Although neither of us are subordinate to the other we do work in the same organization. I’m sure you can see how the dynamic could or would change, especially if he was less than discreet. I would love to see my wife taken by him and me doing all that’s expected of me both during ang after. The thought of people at the office knowing he fucked my wife, I cleaned his cock and his sperm from my wife would not be pleasant to say the least.

                                                      Let me ask you Bob. Have you and your wife ever gone out in public like on a date?

                                                      And thank you for sharing the pic of your very lovely wife.

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                                                    As with most things, context and perspective matter most when it comes to the role race plays for a couple when choosing to or falling into an interracial cuckolding experience. Primarily, interracial tends to be most about the contrast physically and visually. Yes, some cling more to the ‘social taboo’ of it, but I find that most prevalent among those just getting off to it or profiting from it, not those actually involved in cuckolding (interracial or not).

                                                    Race, skin tone, size, life experience – all contrasts easily generated by the experiences generated by life as a particular race and contrasts, as I write here have always been a massive driver in cuckolding.

                                                    I do agree the idea that ‘only blacks should breed’ is nonsense, of course, as is the idea that blacks are all well hung and/or the only race with large cocks. If you think being a white guy with a small penis sucks – imagine being a black guy with anything less than 8.

                                                    We always want what we don’t already have and for a same-race couple, it often makes more sense to having a male who is completely different, not more of the same.

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                                                        I appreciate your insight. Totally agree with you about the myths of cock size and who should be allowed to breed. That’s not to say that I don’t appreciate the feelings of those who feel that black men should be the only breeders. I do. It is part of the larger fantasy that drives those of us bent the same way (for lack of better term). It goes hand in hand with the BBC and little white dick. Most all of us realize the fantasy for what it is. But I ask if there isn’t something more to it than just fantasy? How do those who consider black men more superior really feel about themselves? I think there’s something much deeper behind either those real feelings or fantasy. Has our liberal society driven that point home or is it just some underlying desire to denigrate ones self for sexual gratification?

                                                        I do believe that being a cuckold is part of D/s scene enjoyed by so many. While once marginally involved with the Black Rose Society, a D/s organization I saw both sexes who took submission and humiliation to what I call the extreme. That’s only my impression and am not judging. I kind of understand those feelings. Those feelings are part of what washed over me when I saw my friend’s cock enter my lady and how she enjoyed it. Am not saying I deserved to be humiliated but feeling less masculine than the man that took my lady is addictive. Kissing her after she had him in her mouth (and other things I’ve done for them) almost destroyed my self respect. At first, after the event was over I struggled to accept myself for what I’d done and enjoyed doing. There was lots of discussions with my lady and introspection before the guilt was gone.

                                                        Naturally, with my psyche now completely on board a longing for more of those same feelings almost become a compulsion and I do find myself enjoying those same fantasies mentioned above even though, all the while, I know they are just fantasies.

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                                                        My wife and her young black lover

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