I intended to write a more complete review of the book(s), but became rather disgusted with them. Seeing this article reminded me of it and I felt a duty to let members here know my thoughts on this book.

“A pale, brown haired girl with blue eyes too big for her face.”

That’s how innocent yet alluring 23-year-old Anastasia Steele is described in the not-quite-but-almost-pornographic trilogy “Fifty Shades of Grey,” and fans are dying to know which young actress is going to play her in the upcoming movie.

While we kept picturing 26-year-old Amanda Seyfried as we read the best-selling novels, she doesn’t seem to be on the short list for the role, at least not yet.

via Who should play Ana in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ movie? | Fox News.

Exit to Eden

While Amanda Seyfried would be a great choice, I’m quite positive that the movie will be even worse than the book, which is difficult to believe given how pathetic the book was.

Fifty Shades of Grey is a sad excuse of an erotic novel. True to form for most portrayals of BDSM, the author clearly displayed her absolute lack of experience and involvement in the lifestyle by further perpetuating misconceptions about the lifestyle.

  • A proper dominant doesn’t abuse submissives and doesn’t discipline or punish them without regard for safety and well-being
  • A D/s lifestyle isn’t something needing a ‘cure’

Beyond the simple, glaring issues with how the lifestyle was portrayed, I believe the author failed in the first duty of an fiction writer: suspend disbelief. The plot-driven story suffers from countless points where I simply couldn’t buy into what I was reading.

The only silver lining to this book (series) is that it did open up the minds of many who would have likely never given such things a second thought. Sadly, they now have a dysfunctional perspective on what this world is and can be.

Even a good book like Anne Rice’s Exit to Eden became transformed from a fantasy, yet valid portrayal of a D/s lifestyle (Femdom)  into a hapless comedy. The only saving grace in that movie: Dana Delaney nude. As with Exit to Eden, I believe Hollywood will choose to ‘dumb-down’ the alternative lifestyle elements of  Fifty Shades of Grey to make it ‘more mainstream’, effectively crippling it even further.