Hello everyone,


Well we are John and Linda, a lovely happy couple from UK…for those who we have spoken to you will know we are a genuine down to earth couple who have been into the lifestyle for the last 3 years.


For anyone who is still a wannabe or still fantasising about what can be then I am here to tell you that we were exactly in your shoes 3 years ago. Everyone is a wannabe or a fantasist at the beginning and please don’t loose faith.  if you had told us 3 years ago the position we would be in now then we guess we would of most likely laughed at you. How could we of ever believed that the life we now live was so possible.DSC03132


Keep the faith, remember this isn’t a movie in hollywood this is what you make it.DSC02510


The beauty with a cuckold lifestyle is every single cuckolding situation is unique to that couple. Whether it be a full denial, or a once in a while thing, or even just a 1 off experiment, cuckolding is what you want to make it and what everyone is comfortable with. If we are ever in the room, more than likely it is John but sometimes Linda, then come and say hi, come and share your thoughts.