pushing-it-homeReturning to the husband after coupling with someone else presents significant challenges for cuckold couple initiates.

Just as cuckolds will experience a sharp rises in anxiety if they allow themselves to spurt while waiting for her, the hotwife, having achieved her climax, likely a few times, will have lots of opportunity on the way home for doubt to creep in. Even though this exact scenario may have been played out a hundred times in bed, the reality is always different than the fantasy.

crying_profileThe best thing for a couple experiencing homecoming for the first time is to ensure that the cuckold is waiting for her in an erect state, presented in a manner she can easily see it when she first sees him (nude). Couples, by this stage, understand the truth of the erect male and such a symbol is instant and irrefutable proof of support and desire for the wife despite and because she is returning to him as a hotwife. Wives need to consider their cuckold’s anxiety and husbands need to consider their wife’s anxiety. The wife wants to know she didn’t make a mistake – the husband wants to know what happened and is aching to have the physical attention of his hotwife. Patience, cuckold – just a little longer.

are-you-sureThere are many variations to this ritual and each couple needs to work out what works best for them. Some couples proceed straight to the shower together where the first details of the date begin to come out. An important note for the wives is to work to overcome the urge to ‘protect’ the husband’s feelings by being vague about what happened and more importantly, how good it was. If the husband gets the sense you’re holding back, then this experience starts to feel like something that’s come between you rather than one shared between you. It will take time to learn to be candid and descriptive about the boyfriend and the experiences enjoyed with him, but making the effort is important. Wives tend to be very shy about their body when they return home. Her body and even hair may still contain traces of her boyfriend’s semen. Her neck, breasts and even thighs might be marked from his sucking and nibbling. Most of all, her sex will be wet, swollen and obviously exercised – a sight she may be very anxious about her husband seeing.

It’s critical for a wife to understand that while she was likely very sated during her evening, her cuckold has been anxious, erect and somewhat insecure for hours and is in need of her attention. It’s not uncommon for wives to be exhausted both physically and mentally by this process, but it’s critical they reserve or find the energy to at least provide minimal feedback to the cuckold. Often the wife will be a bit tender from her coupling due to her new boyfriend’s size and/or stamina. This precludes the cuckold from what he would like most: being inside his hotwife. What should NOT happen is a situation where the cuckold has to masturbate himself apart from his wife’s interaction. By this I mean that after such a monumental event in their marriage and having been encouraged and supported in taking someone else inside her, the least the hotwife can do is participate in giving her cuckold the attention and relief he has earned.


In such an excited state often all it takes is a few words of encouragement and a bit of stimulation to the glans and it’s all over. Over time a couple can work out more detail for homecoming. Preferably the couple will move to welcoming her boyfriend into the home and marital bed where the cuckold can witness the coupling or at least be nearby and overhear his wife’s passion. In such cases, the process of ‘homecoming’ is still present because the wife transitions at some point from being her boyfriend’s girlfriend to being her husband’s hotwife once the bf leaves.

There are endless variations to this process and many variables that influence them, but the bottom line is the couple need to manage their expectations and work together to ensure vulnerable moments in their cuckolding become rewarding and memorable ones.